Wednesday August 9, 2006

Anyone knows how to or know people who knows how to create a professional website? If you do, please drop a message here or leave a link to your portfolio! Thanks!!


P/S: Just so people don’t get confused, I’m looking to create my own personal website, with a blog site and links for my portfolio, pictures, etc…. So I would say a bit more of an arty website than corporate. I would need someone to maintain it as well because I don’t know anything about this? First up, I know we have to sorta ‘rent’ a webspace, but how do I go about doing that??

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  1. chukwang

    hey Bel, i got 2 close friends who are freelancers. they do amazing work. would do no harm to see what they’ve done before. they have a couple of corporate cilents as well.

    Please give them a call at:

    0122628771 – Chut Liang

    🙂 cheers

  2. bellisa

    hey babe dont know how much i can help from sunny ole sydney but i still got old advertising contacts if you want me to put you in touch!

    just dropping by to say hello and yes im still alive 🙂

    muchos love

  3. kamkuey

    Hey Bel.. i just got my own personal site.. well.. actually a blog with my own domain name. Check it out at A fren on mine did it for me, and he will be able to do it for you.. for FREE!! Email me for more information lar..

    My email = kamkuey at gmail dot com.

    Or if you prefer, call me at 012 382 3360

  4. StonedEwok

    hey bel,

    dropping a line from HK 🙂 to be honest haven’t visited your site in aaaages. great to know you’re still doing a zillion gigs, so so cool! i can’t believe what a celebrity you are, haha

    as for the website, i love how you got so many offers straight away, proves your star status 🙂 

    and yeh, didn’t we learn to do this stuff in BA Media & Communications?? ROFL. Go first year flash. miss you media bunch.

    take care,


  5. toochoong

    agree with ‘whuzdatgurl’, should try inquiring for josh’s services.. well, depends on your *budget*

    as for the maintenance of your website, i’d suggest you request the one who created the website to design it in such a way you could maintain it.. u’ll never know what people could do when given *the resources*.. i understand there will be alot of technical stuffs.. i guess u’ll just have to get used to it –,

    oh. i design websites.


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