Friday August 25, 2006

Top 10 Live! is officially over!! It was a great show to be apart of and I’ve learned and grown a lot professionally from being on this show. It was a great ride and hopefully another season will come along – bigger and better.
I’ll put up some pictures from my favourite moments/guests on the show soon. Stay tuned….

Now, I’m back to freelancing. Nothing much in the books right now, rehearsals for the movie starts next month and shooting will begin in October. Most of my scenes will be shot in Muar!! And I just found out the musical numbers we will be singing are original scores!! Not bad ey…..first ever local musical. I mean, sure there are plenty of locally produced musicals in theatre and also in Hindi films, but for an English film, this is a first. I hope we’ll be able to release a soundtrack too, that’ll be fun. Anyone out there owns a studio and willing to rent it to us FOC?? You and your studio can be apart of history in the making….hehehe..

Last week, the Hitz gang were at the Force of Nature Yogyakarta Quake Aid Concert. AdamC was the main emcee for the main stage and we were all guest emcees. We were shooting the whole event for a special episode on Hitz.TV as well. Got there about 4pm and found out that my slots to emcee on stage was crazy! I had to emcee at the theatre stage at 5pm (when the whole event was suppose to start) and then at the main stage only at 12.40 midnight!! That was 7 hrs of waiting!! I was there until 1 a.m.!!

In all honesty, the papers didn’t tell the whole truth…the event started only at 6pm and there were scarcely anyone there until about 9pm. The main stage area started filling up but the crowd paled in comparison to the previous FON Concert. Only about half of the field was filled up. Maybe the ticket was a bit too pricey, or maybe the acts (mostly Indonesian acts) didn’t manage to attract the crowds but whatever it is, reception was not as good as the organisers anticipated.

One thing great about the event though was that the VIP tent was fabulous! It was build like a club and they had free flow food and drinks all night long!

The Hitz gang at FON’s VIP tent…

As you can see, well…a bit, from the picture, I was just dressed in a spaghetti top, my 3-quarter jeans and a pair of slippers thinking that it was gonna be an outdoor event and that it was gonna be hot and dirty…I mean, who knew they would build a club in the middle of the field!! Worst still, when night came, all the celebrities came dressed to the nines, even Sazzy and Hani, who’ve been there since the afternoon changed into nice looking dresses. I felt so underdressed, I wish I could just go home and hide!

It was a shame though that the reception was so lukewarm because it was such a fun, activity filled event and for a great cause! Lots of food and drink stalls, game stalls, even hot air baloon rides! For those of you who are interested in doing your bit to help the half a million Indonesians who are homeless from the quake, you can still do so. You can make a donation to FON via SMS until the 4th September. All you gotta do is type FON 5 and send to 32728 and RM5 will be donated to the foundation. I think a little help goes a long long way, so do help out however much you can.

What’s New:
* I’ve written a short article for the September issue of the new Eve & Adam Magazine. Well, it was a simple task actually. Just had to list 10 things Men do not know about Women. Do check it out…

* My ‘top secret’ Hotlink ad has finally come out on TV. This was the first ad I did in which I had to sign a confidentiality letter stating that I will not divulge any information about the shoot or the ad until it is aired. So now that it is aired, I can ask you to keep an eye out for it! hehehe…I look pretty different because they funked up my hair, here’s a sneak peak…

* I bought a new car!! Well, not new new….I bought a one year old Kelisa for myself and retired my old Iswara. This is my first car I bought entirely with my own hard-earn cash!! Yay!! I’m now a self-sufficient individual with a liability at hand!!

* Most importantly, I’m leaving for a beach escapade to Phuket, Thailand later today! Will only be back on Tuesday! Time for a much needed break from life!

Will write more when I get back from Phuket…..till then, take care and be safe!!


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  1. nightstar

    wow it’s you guys? haha i was thinkin all the people in the ad were from overseas 🙂 the angle it was shot made everybody look so tall, so cool, so pan asian and hotttt! luv the ad [luv goldfrapp ohh la la] 🙂

  2. chanok



    but i’ll keep an eye out for the ad… it’s probably gonna be great!

  3. miss_anj

    puahaha your hair and outfit are so..tribal in that ad!

    ultra excited about this movie you’re doing. give me the name so i can look into it over here.

    enjoy thailand! who you going with?


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