Tuesday September 5, 2006

I’m mourning the lost of a great man I’m really saddened by the death of Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter. I love him! I love his crazy self and his enthusiasm for everything! I’m a fan of his shows and I really can’t believe that he’s now gone! His kids are still so young! He is still so young!! *Sigh* Goes to show that life really is unpredictable and we should enjoy everyday like there’s no tomorrow. Have no regrets. Sir Crickey…..Rest In Peace..

It’s been a week since I came back from Phuket and the trip can be summed up in one word – Disappointing. It was raining 3 out of the 4 days I was there!! And on the only day it wasn’t raining, we wasted it on a tour to James Bond Island, which sucked because there was nothing there except a whole lot of souvenir stalls!! We weren’t even allowed to swim there! The only interesting part of the tour was the visit to Pung-Chang cave or the Elephant Belly cave. The locals call it that because the stalactites and stalagmites growing in the cave resembles lots and lots of baby elephants. We got to sit in a canoe, a bamboo raft and even walked in knee-deep cave water to go through it, which was quite an adventure! Other than that, I didn’t get to spend time at the beach, didn’t get a tan, didn’t even swim at all!! We did do a lot of walking around Patong town in the rain, ate lots of pineapples (I still have gastric from the pineapple fried rice/pineapple juice/tom yam we had there), and went for lots of massages (which weren’t all that bad….) Anyways, here’s my trip, in pictures:

Welcome to Patong! The infamous Bang-La Road.

They really know how to name their bars here in Thailand….

More bars with horrible looking ‘hoes’ waiting to pounce on caucasian men.

Sheltering from the rainstorm….

The gloomy looking Patong beach

Look Kennysia! I have my very own croc shoes too!! Although they’re not the best looking shoes in the world, they’re really comfortable and it was great for the beach and the cave trekking!

Doggie surfing on Patong Beach

Look what I found!

Pineapple rice and Pineapple juice (with Malibu!! *Joyce, this was the first time I tasted Malibu and I love it!)

Since we could only do indoor activities, we went and caught the ‘Ladyboys Cabaret’
Ladyboys Galore. Apparently, you can become a woman in Thailand for only about 200,000 baht~ RM 20,000 ~ AUD 7,000!!

The boys were drooling over this one in the centre…… Admitedly, ‘she’ is quite hot….and her body is very proportioned.

Me and the boys enjoying dinner, there were suppose to be somemore girls in this trip but they pulled out last minute…

On the way to James Bond Island

James Bond Island…it’s quite picturesque but I have not watched a single James Bond movie (and am not planning to) so I won’t know if this is the exact spot they shot The Man with the Golden Gun…

Touristy picture….I know, I look like a boy here….My hair is tied up but the front looks so funny….I’m so fed up with my hair!

This is Panyee – a Muslim fishing village build entirely on stilts.

Panyee Village

~~A Mining we will go!!! ~~ The only picture we were allowed to take in the cave…

All in all, I guess I did have a lot of time to just relax and read my book when I was in Phuket, but I wished it would’ve rained less. I wasn’t satisfied with this break, I might go again next time….but I think if I had to choose, I’d rather go to Bali again than to Phuket. What do you guys who’ve been to both places think?

Anyways, back to life, today, (5th Sept) I was cheering for the Astro team at the annual Kuala Lumpur Rat Race. This annual jogathon is a special event because everyone has to run in their work clothes, e.g. Shirt/Tie/Slacks/Briefcase(!). Besides being a running competition, it was also a competition for the cheerleading squad and this year, the Astro cheerleading squad was made up mostly by the Akademi Fantasia finalists(for those of you overseas, AF is another one of those reality singing competitions, like the Idol series, which is HUGE here in Malaysia), Sazzy Falak representing Beat TV, Irma from Roda Impian (Wheel of Fortune) and yours truly for Hitz.TV. The runners were also representing different channels and our very own Ean, who has just recovered from dengue, ran for Hitz.TV. I don’t think our cheerleading squad won, I left before the prize giving ceremony, but I heard we weren’t even in top 3! It didn’t matter because our costumes were fabulous!! I didn’t bring my camera but I’ve already asked Sazzy to email me the pictures. Will post them up when I get them.

Latest News:

* I will be featured in the Malay Mail under the segment called ‘Sofa Session’. Tony Eusoff, Brian V from Hitz.fm and myself (all 3 Kuchingnites!) chatted about “Commitment” and how it leads to being great! Do catch it this Saturday (9th Sept)!

* It’s kinda official… I won’t be in this year’s Blast Off. I am quite disappointed, but it’s alright, I know I kinda screwed up last year because it was my first gig and I didn’t manange to prove myself but I’m giving myself time, I’m sure I’ll improve and who knows, they might bring me back for the following season. Meanwhile, look out for Ean and this year’s new Blast Off female co-host, she’s gonna be hot I’m sure of that! Auditions for bands and vocal groups starts next weekend in Kuching!!

* I’m going for another beach escapade!! This time it’s for work! I’ll be in Langkawi from the 19th to 21st this month to shoot a special episode for Hitz.TV in Andaman Resort.

Alright…that’s about enough for today….till next time, take care!!


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  1. Sabrinavun

    Hi Bel,

     Sab here. Well, I do agree with you. Bali’s the best compared to Phuket.The island is much more beautiful. I think it’s because of the “Ladyboys” in Phuket, people are going there. Other than that, nothing special about that island. The only thing that I really enjoyed in Phuket is the food. I love the seafood fried rice. Yum!!!Yum!!!

  2. hamster143

    Hey Bel,

    Patong is nice but i think you didn’t get the fun due to the rainy days there.. we were lucky the days we had there no rain! u should have gone to phi phi island snorkeling tour… better than james bond island!! HAHAA.. agogo’s are funny~~ take care and see ya!

  3. neko85

    ooh so they’re called ‘croc’ shoes… i’ve seem them on so so so many ppls in hk so i’m always wondering what’s with this sudden trend… i guess they must be really comfortable??

  4. kennysia

    Looks like you’ve been to more places than I did in Phuket! It’s too bad that the weather sucked. 🙁 It would have been quite a relaxing place to visit otherwise.

    I hope you got an overdose of massage there. That’s the single thing I missed the most about Phuket. 😛


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