Monthly Archives: February 2007

Tuesday February 27, 2007

Hey guys!! Hope you all had a great CNY break! I got back from Perth on Saturday night and we drove straight back from Singapore, reaching KL about 2 am in the morning. It was a lovely trip, Perth is such a beautiful and peaceful city. Will post up pictures soon. Meanwhile, I’ve been really busy doing publicity stuff for my new show which will premiere TOMORROW!! Press conference, Photo […]

Saturday February 17, 2007

Here I am at Changi airport, my flight to Perth has been delayed for 3 hours now due to some technical difficuilties. What a bummer! At the rate we’re going we might have to miss reunion dinner or have it in the plane!! So unlucky. This is actually the second time this happened to me. 1st was from Dubai to Bangkok, we were also delayed for 4 hours due to […]

Tuesday February 13, 2007

My cousin Yipp got married on the 1st of this month. I thought since today is Valentine’s, I’d post up all the lovey-dovey stuff. So here are some pictures of the wedding and the music video of my current favourite malay song by my favourite local band with my favourite DrummerBoy. Yipp’s Wedding @ Sheraton Subang The backdrop, very simple and meaningful. It says; I’ll be true to the promise […]