Monthly Archives: October 2007

Thursday October 25, 2007

I’m going to the Black Eyed Peas Concert in Genting tomorrow!! Then on Saturday, am driving down to Malacca for a wedding dinner, next Wednesday, flying off to Bangkok for a shoot, coming back on Saturday, off on Sunday and then back to normal again the following week. This past 2 weeks have been crazy with launches left and right between shops in Pavillion and The Gardens. For those of […]

Thursday October 18, 2007

Cute Celeb Babies… Was browsing the net when I saw this picture… Little Cruz with Mama Victoria Beckham. And I thought, he might be the cutest Beckham child yet…. Unlike brothers, Brooklyn and Romeo, he’s yet to developed the Victoria Beckham smile which I find absolutely weird(that’s why you don’t see her smiling that much….) Then I started researching on other celeb babies and compiled my own ‘Cutest Celeb Baby’ […]

Sunday October 14, 2007

This is going to be a pictures only update!! Brace yourselves! Rae’s Wedding One of our 8TV colleagues got married the end of last month. Here’s one with the whole Quickie team- crew and hosts (minus Phat Fabes) at the wedding dinner. Hong Kong Day 1 : Arrival/Avenue of Stars/Symphony of Lights At Hong Kong International Airport, the intricately weaved plants on the way to the bus station. In the […]