Thursday October 18, 2007

Cute Celeb Babies…

Was browsing the net when I saw this picture…
Little Cruz with Mama Victoria Beckham. And I thought, he might be the cutest Beckham child yet….
Unlike brothers, Brooklyn and Romeo, he’s yet to developed the Victoria Beckham smile which I find absolutely weird(that’s why you don’t see her smiling that much….)

Then I started researching on other celeb babies and compiled my own ‘Cutest Celeb Baby’ list..

At No. 5 is Cruz Beckham…
(Picture taken from Perez Hilton’s website)

Next on my list…
Miss Brit Brit’s firstborn, Sean Preston, on the right is slightly cuter than his brother Jayden James, left. Even though she’s crazy, you have to admit, her kids are quite cute!

Baby KINGSTON ( not Milo!) is the coolest baby on the block with such cool parents! He looks so cute with his faux mo-hawk.

Look! Baby Violet has her mama’s dimples! The gap tooth on her is so endearing….

Is it a girl? Is it a boy? It’s Ryder! Kate’s Hudson’s bundle of joy pulls off the gender bender hair so easily… Cutie pie alert!

And the cutest celeb baby of all time…according to me, is…..
Baby Suri Cruise!! With her full head of hair and big blue eyes and all her cute outfits…She, to me is the cutest celeb baby of all!!

Some more pictures of Suri..
With daddy Tom Cruise….

So cute!!

Who do you guys think is the cutest celeb baby?


Found some more pics on the net…this time…they’re Royal Babies!!

Princess Leonor of Spain

Princess Leonor of Spain…. first daughter Crown Prince Felipe and television journalist Letizia Ortiz. So…Shirley Temple!


Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark with wife, Australian Mary Donaldson with their son, Prince Christian (who is the picture of innocence!) and Princess Isabella….

P/S: I didn’t include any pictures of the Brangelina clan because I don’t think any of their kids are cute! hehehe…. Or maybe because I prefer Brad with Jennifer Aniston Create your own list! I would love to see who you think is the cutest celeb baby.


0 comments on “Thursday October 18, 2007

  1. yivontai

    Gwen’s son is Kingston James, not Milo..and Bel, you should include Maddox ! He is the “cunnest” baby back then and now he’s still! the hottest kid , i think 🙂

  2. Yerdeh

    i agree!! suri cruise is soooo cute, esp in that pic with the dog in Germany. I don’t care that the conspiracy theorists have classified her as an alien from the god Xenu, she’s one pretty cute alien 🙂


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