Thursday October 25, 2007

I’m going to the Black Eyed Peas Concert in Genting tomorrow!! Then on Saturday, am driving down to Malacca for a wedding dinner, next Wednesday, flying off to Bangkok for a shoot, coming back on Saturday, off on Sunday and then back to normal again the following week.

This past 2 weeks have been crazy with launches left and right between shops in Pavillion and The Gardens. For those of you not from here, these are the 2 brand new shopping malls (among the millions we already have) here in KL catering to the middle to upper ranged brands. Went for the launch of the American clothing brand, Bebe, last week and this week, went for Kiehl’s opening at Pavillion and GUESS footwear’s launch at The Gardens. Was invited to the Juicy Couture(yes!! we have Juicy Couture in KL now!) and A/X and Levi’s launch next week but couldn’t make it coz I’ll be away most of the week. Besides these 2 new malls, Sunway Pyramid’s New Wing is also now open for business and it’s hugee!! I honestly wonder how much we Malaysians spend on shopping every month. My monthly bill comes up to about an average of RM1k in shopping expenses alone and I don’t even buy that many expensive stuff!! But shopping is my favourite pastime. hehehehe… So how much do you spend on shopping monthly? Let’s do a comparison. Leave a comment!

I got to go now, very tired after a long day. Take care everyone and till my next entry, be safe!


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  1. sheon81

    i reconciled my relationship with tv after years away from it. then i saw quickie….one thing led to another….here i am leaving a comment on arguably the best local tv hostess’ blog.  🙂

    hey….keep up the good work and do what you do best…SMILE!!!



  2. sheon81

    oh yeah…how much do i spend on shopping? i dun shop that often.(though my credit cards would not agree)…but when i do…i would usually cap my spending for the month at rm1k.


  3. hilineindustries

    Man I liked last night’s Quickie with Silent Scream. You really PWNED that slot, and it’s the first time we see Belinda power. Taking control of so many boys too. Even that mumbling caller with the weak-ass questions.

    Yeah, less giggling, more Belinda-talk please 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Hi, came across your blog from a friend’s blogs link. Its a good read =)

    Just wondering what facial products do you use for your skin? Do you go for facials? You have very good complexion – I’m starting to get break outs and I’m trying to find a remedy.

    Btw, I don’t buy much clothes or accessories but I think I do spend quite a fair bit without realising it. I spend mostly on maintenance stuff though – restocking shampoo, facial products, make up, etc etc. It all adds up! Probably spend about RM 600 per month.


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