Monday November 5, 2007

I’m back from Bangkok! It was an ok trip, the shoot went really well but surprisingly, I wasn’t in a shopping mood so I didn’t buy a lot of stuff. Quite wasted actually, so many things to buy but I just couldn’t find anything that I fancy!! I have a couple of pictures to post up from the Black Eyed Peas concert and my trip to Bangkok but I haven’t come around to uploading them. But here’s an interesting forwarded email I received recently.

We’re smaller than ants in the grander scheme of things. So why should we think that we’re the greatest or richest or prettiest when we’re nothing but another speck of dust. Like the email said, keep your life in perspective, cherish loved ones, not material objects, problems are never too big to overcome and being humble will not make you small. Take care everyone!!


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  1. hilineindustries

    Man you looked so cute in Dibawah satu bumbung (is that the title?) last night in that Petaling St scene. The other actress had to turn up all her acting chops to keep up.

    Although, to be honest, even though you looked cute, the scene is damn 7 smarmy. SMARMY. Unimaginative camera angles (ask the cinematographer to watch a few good movies, lah!), corny direction. The cameraman looked like he just wants to capture your butt (it’s a nice butt, btw) instead of contributing to the drama of the scene (which I presume was supposed to be a dramatic scene). More close-ups and strategic shots would have been great. This is exactly the reason why the average urban Malaysian thinks local productions are crap. The other scenes show more promise though.

    Also, I’m a bit confused by the concept of randomly switching between Malay and Chinese. The scriptwriters should at least provide a believable premise for the language change. How long are they going to think that local audiences are unsophisticated aunties who are not exposed to high-production-value international shows?

  2. Anonymous

    hey! i saw you that day at the deepavali open house! teehee i’m kah hoo, and we’re related!
    hmmm lets see.. my mom’s primary classmate’s husband(uncle kumar, i call him) is your boyfriend’s friend’s uncle?
    hahaha.. i wasn’t sure it was you until uncle kumar told me just now during lunch..
    hmmph.. didn’t know you have a boyfriend *shakes head in disappointment* XD

    hope to get a reply from you ya bel (or do you prefer being called “ah be”? haha)


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