Sunday November 11, 2007

Wow…can you believe a year has almost gone by and we’re just a month and a half away from 2008?? Many things have happened this year…many good things, for me personally, and hopefully, 2008 will bring more happiness and success.

This following picture post is specially dedicated to DOM who is now back in Qatar and hard at work See, I remembered……hope this will fill at least 20 mins of your boring work day!

From our trip to Genting for the Black Eyed Peas!!

Myself with Claire and Jing, front row centre on the first level elevated seats!! Very good view!

The HOW clan. If you guys are wondering who this DOM person is, he’s the guy on far left in the blue shirt!! hehehe..

BEPs making an entrance

I thought the opening performance of Hey Mama was a bit lacklustre, Will.I.Am even looked a bit tipsy….but the energy did pick up in the middle but dipped again when it ended.

xIMG_2038, Fillipino! Fillipino! Bebot bebot!! Did you know that ‘Bebot’ is tagalog slang for Hot Chick? Just like how we in KL call Hot Chicks, Chun Chicks!

Big Girls Don’t Cry… performance of the evening! Fergie managed to sing most of her hit solo singles, Apl only did Bebot and Will did Gone, Going, Gone and I Got It From my Mama.

London Bridge.

Don’t Lie!

Besides the crappy sound system ( Taboo’s mic didn’t work half the time, the back up singers’ mics didn’t work when Will was singing I Got it From My Mama) and the stupid rule of not being able to stand up in the middle of the performance, I enjoyed the concert. I didn’t realised they had so many hit songs out already with just 2 albums under their belt. We had 2 hrs of continuous hits and I knew all of them!!

Will.I.Am out buying ice-cream after the concert. He was surrounded by the Genting security guards and his own body guard and lots and lots of fans who were trying to get a glimpse of him or maybe shake his hands. I actually shouted a “Welcome to Malaysia Will!!” at him hoping he’ll look my way and maybe get a good picture, but he ignored it….much to my dismay.

After the concert, the next day, a couple of us left Genting for Malacca, to attend a good friend’s brother’s wedding. We don’t even know the bride or the groom but our friend reserved a table for us so we decided to take the road trip down for the occasion.
Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the reddest of them all??

The Bebots!! hehehe….

End of last month, I had to take a short trip to Bangkok for a commercial shoot. It was actually for a facial product and you know what, just as I was about to leave for the shoot, my skin, which is normally spot-free, flared up and I had a couple of pimples and pimple scars around my nose area and one prominent one on my left cheek (this was due to my kepo-ness at wanting to deep cleanse my skin before the shoot, so I went for a facial about a weel before, bad idea…… I didn’t know if it was the facial that caused the breakouts but I’m never ever going back there again.) I was so stressed, I didn’t get to enjoy the trip at all, the whole time I was just worried about my face and my pimples. I didn’t dare have Tom Yum, didn’t dare to eat prawns, didn’t want to be out in the sun too long, so, really…the pimples ruined my overall mood and thereby my shopping mood. But fortunately for me, the makeup artist in Bangkok was a magician and she managed to make me look flawless!! No traces of pimple scars at all!! And she didn’t even need to pile the makeup on!!


Although it was hard working with people whom you can’t really communicate with, it was a great experience overall. I find the people there, even the production guys, very soft spoken and polite, they were very efficient, and only stopped for about 10 mins max each for lunch and dinner and by the time I was ready, everything was set up and we were ready to roll. We even had a female cameraperson! This was my first time working with a camerawoman at a commercial shoot (besides the mostly women production crew at 8TV of course!). And she was quite good-looking too!! I have a picture of her and the rest of the crew on my phone, I’ll try to find a way to upload it.

While I was there, I ate mostly at the food courts in malls and I have to say, their food court, even in MBK (the Sungei Wang of Bangkok), was 5 star, clean, well-designed, very modern and each and every one of them had some card/pass system (just like the passport system at Marche).

I tried this at the Emporium’s Food Hall because it looked like the “Tau Suan” dessert we have in Kuching, but unfortunately, it was different from what I was used too, although it tasted great, the texture was a little too mucous-y for me to bear.

In a Tuk-Tuk. We were stuck in rush hour traffic in the tuk-tuk so he had to swtich off his engine a couple of times. I tell you the pollution in Bangkok is unbearable, I was probably travelling in the tuk-tuk for about 15 mins and the fumes from buses and cars and trucks nearly overwhelmed me and I was feeling a bit faint. I had to cover my nose with a thick 4-ply tissue so that I won’t die of lung cancer there and then!!

The view of the rush hour traffic from my hotel room window.

Some funny looking benches at Siam Square. I only found Siam Square this time around and I really liked the area. It has a lot of little boutiques selling clothes and shoes and accessories and the place looks clean and very bangsar-like. Highly recommended place to go to for average priced stuff.

I might be going again for another shoot next month…keeping my fingers crossed!! Will go have a look at the floating market the next time around if I have time.

OK, that’s about it for now. Oh!! One more thing!! You can now catch the 8TV Quickie online!! Just go to and check it out!! Leave some comment so I’d know how I’m doing. Till the next post, take care and say NO to smoking!!


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  1. MaxxHii

    Hmm …. so what’s the “tau suan”  cos i am from kuching  … but i can’t remember any local snacks or delicacies of that name …

    I just got back from Alor Setar and Langkawi last week and GOD i miss the food there now !


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