Monthly Archives: January 2009

Happy “Niu” Year!!

Hey people! First of all, Happy Chinese New Year in advance to all my chinese friends. I’m liking all the puns I’m hearing in the media about this coming year of the OX, hence the subject – Happy “Niu” Year, others that I’ve seen/heard are Happy ‘Moo Moo’ Year and have an ‘OX’-picious New Year!   I haven’t been on the Quickie this week because guess what? I’m sick…..again… 🙁 […]

Faux Bel

I received a forwarded email today from my best friend in Kuching. Apparently this picture has been circulating with ‘Belinda Chee’ as the subject matter. When she called me and told me about it, I got a bit worried, thinking that some one might’ve taken the time to photoshop my face onto a naked body or something of that nature and that would’ve been quite offensive. But to my amusement, […]