Happy “Niu” Year!!

Hey people! First of all, Happy Chinese New Year in advance to all my chinese friends. I’m liking all the puns I’m hearing in the media about this coming year of the OX, hence the subject – Happy “Niu” Year, others that I’ve seen/heard are Happy ‘Moo Moo’ Year and have an ‘OX’-picious New Year!  

I haven’t been on the Quickie this week because guess what? I’m sick…..again… 🙁 I just got well from swollen tonsils and high fever early this month and now I have a bad case of flu/sore throat. I didn’t want to go on any more antibiotics because the last dosage caused me a horrible bout of gastritis so, on my mum’s encouragement, I went to a Chinese Sensei. I haven’t been to a chinese sinsei since I was a little girl so I was a bit hesitant, especially coz the medicines are usually drunk not swallowed and they’re usually vile tasting. But since CNY is around the corner and I’ll be travelling again, I wanted to get rid of any bacteria, virus and sicknesses once and for all. According to the sinsei, my ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ is off balance and that I have too much ‘yang’ in my liver. He prescribed me with 4 big packets of herbs to cook as medicine. I don’t think I need to tell you, for those of you who’ve had chinese medicine before, you’d know it tastes nasty!! It stinks up the whole house too when you’re cooking it!!     

They included a couple of plum sweets for me as well to counter the gag reflex. In a way, I’m lucky my nose is blocked so I can’t really smell the thing when I drink it. 

He gave me 8 different type of roots, leaves and what looked like 2 bunches of dried grass. Honestly, I’m impressed with the sinsei for being able to remember the many different types of herbs coz they all look almost the same to me! And they still weigh the herbs with a traditional string and weight weighing stick. 

And this bottle of ‘bullets’ are for my tonsils. I have to eat 10 everyday after I finish my ‘cooked medicine’ course to help curb my tonsillitis. 

I really hope I’ll feel better by 1st day of CNY, I really don’t want to miss out on all the food!! That’s why for this new year, I especially want to wish everyone good health. Because if you don’t have your health, you won’t be able to properly enjoy all the prosperity and wealth you might encounter this year.

Speaking of which, I will be going to Singapore for Chinese New Year this time around. Going with my parents to spend it with my sister and her in-laws. After that I’ll be going to Macau/Hong Kong for a short holiday with Joe and family. Not going to spend money gambling but I guess I’ll spend some shopping in Hong Kong! 🙂 Have to bear in mind that this is the final year to collect ang pau, next year have to give already….;P Can’t wait to see the Oriental Las Vegas for the first time though! 

Well guys, till my next post, once again, here’s wishing everyone a healthy, happy and safe Chinese New Year celebration! Gong Xi Fa Chai!! 

Love, Bel

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  1. nove

    are u getting married soon since ure saying u’ll be giving out ang paos next year? hehe. u dont have to tell tho. just guessing. 🙂

  2. hazel

    Get well soon, Belinda! I think the best cure is still water, so drink lottss of that.
    I hear the wedding bell. Congratulation in advance & Happy ‘Niu’ Year ! 😉
    Love & God bless!

  3. foongpc

    Hi Belinda. First time here, but not first time seeing you of course! Watched you a lot of times on TV oredy. Btw, wish you Happy & Prosperous CNY. May this new year brings you good health and lots of success in your career. Get well soon! : )

  4. delia

    hi belinda,
    i came across your website while browsing for recipes. this is your aunty here from kuching. u might not know me but anyway happy new year to you, your mom & dad and especially to your grandma. how’s your grandma? send my regards to them all. btw, you are very beautiful. happy CNY!

  5. beyond

    Hi Belinda. First time to your blog. Thumbs up!
    And also gong hei fat Choy.
    I was reading the your entry on tonsilitis and that u went to a sinseh.
    I would like to warn you about those tiny little black pills. They may Contain Steroids. Random testing has been done on various TCM medicine by Ministry of Health Pharmaceutical Enforcement division found most of the tiny black pills contain steroid. Just for your info. Get well soon!~~

  6. yanz

    hi belinda! first time to your blog. Lurrve your header pic! =D
    hope you’re completely well by now and enjoying all the dee-lish CNY food to the max ;D


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