Faux Bel

I received a forwarded email today from my best friend in Kuching. Apparently this picture has been circulating with ‘Belinda Chee’ as the subject matter. When she called me and told me about it, I got a bit worried, thinking that some one might’ve taken the time to photoshop my face onto a naked body or something of that nature and that would’ve been quite offensive. But to my amusement, this was the one and only picture in that email.

Seriously, which part of this girl looks like me? Certainly not the ‘chest’ area. Should I even be taking it as a compliment? Perhaps this girl’s name is also Belinda Chee. But, i doubt it, because if you look closely, she’s actually wearing the letter F pendant. Anyways, just thought I’d share this with all of you, just in case you received this email and had a nagging suspicion that it’s not me, well, it’s not!

Love, Bel

19 comments on “Faux Bel

  1. Edmondie Voonie

    Bel, you don’t have to explain anything and just have to sing Madonna’s song, She’s Not Me!

    “She’s not me and she never will be!”

    Hehe! Really think that you will like this song because of this amusing incident!

  2. Suzie

    I think the person really for it to meant you, because she does look a little alike to you, just so much so much so much x 1000 more times hideous. 😛

  3. acsmvtak

    I had a great laugh when i saw the pic. I knew right away it wasnt u because u are catholic and brought up by catholic parents. Yes i am damn proud that u are catholic too! have i stress that out enough? hehe.
    Anyhoo, dont look like u at all…

  4. Bel

    Well, I think there’s some similar features such as your smile. At first I really thought the resemblance was uncanny! Then again, I’m sure its someone misusing photoshop.

  5. curryegg

    Hi Belinda. Saw your blog link in Adverlets. Nice blog you have here. By the way, the girl in the photo is so fake. Don’t worry. She doesn’t look like you.
    Have a nice day and Happy Chinese New Year.. 🙂

  6. Jaryn

    She does look a bit like u..but the hair colour is certainly wrong..haha XD
    but can i say something thats kinda 18SX ?
    I was juz wondering..where is her nipples ??
    Sorry if im rude..juz really curious..


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