Not sure if you’ve seen this ad on TV but this is something I’m currently working on – a music and entertainment program for your mobile phones. I co-produce and host this ‘made for mobile’ program and we’ve currently recorded 8 episodes. Each episode is only a minute long, so it’s short and succint and suitable for mobile consumption.

And get this ok, it’s FREE to subscribe!! When you type ON MOD and send it to your respective telco number, you’ll get a welcome message from me for free too!! Make sure your phone supports MMS though. Each episode of MoD costs only 30 cents to download and it’s great entertainment, even if you download one just to laugh at me! 🙂

New episodes are out every Saturday and I try to cover a mix of local and international music news as well as interviews with artists, concert guides and introducing new and up coming talents. This is pretty much a trial and error project, we’re trying it out, shooting in a studio apartment with a green screen background and minimal effects.  

Pacmee is hoping that this will encourage everyone to ‘broadcast’ themselves, pretty much like on youtube, but from mobile to mobile. With mobile phones so ‘canggih’ nowadays, you can take a video on your mobile phones and post it up on pacmee via MMS and all your friends connected to your network will receive the video on their mobile phones! If you want to be apart of this mobile world, you can log on to and start your own show for mobile phones today!! Have fun!

Love, Bel

Oh, btw, go get your February copy of V Mag at your nearest news stands now!! Yours truly decked out in Chanel on the cover! 😛

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