Monthly Archives: November 2009

Acting out!

Hi all!! So my first Mandarin TV series ‘Love in Seoul’ has finished its run on 8TV. If you missed any episodes, you can watch it online at You have to sign up first to be able to watch any shows online, so just sign up, it’s free!! I’ve wanted to blog about my appearance on another mandarin TV series before it went on air, but I was so caught up […]

Wedding(s): Part 4- Honeymoon

Back to more post-wedding posts. Since I’ve been sick the past 2 days, I had time to slowly go through and upload my pictures so be ready for pictures galore!! My dream honeymoon destination was initially Bora-Bora island, but when we found out how far we had to fly (via New Zealand) and how costly the trip is, we decided on a less expensive and closer alternative – Maldives. The […]

Bangkok Work-Break

Taking a break from the back to back wedding posts. 🙂 I was away in Bangkok last week for an Olay White Radiance commercial shoot. It was supposed to be a 2 full day shoot but in the end, we managed to finish the shoot in 2 half-days, so with the free time I had, I did what most girls would do in Bangkok…I went shopping!! My finds….all for less […]