Wedding(s): Part 4- Honeymoon

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Since I’ve been sick the past 2 days, I had time to slowly go through and upload my pictures so be ready for pictures galore!!

My dream honeymoon destination was initially Bora-Bora island, but when we found out how far we had to fly (via New Zealand) and how costly the trip is, we decided on a less expensive and closer alternative – Maldives.

The flight to Malé , the capital of Maldives, is about 4 hrs from Kuala Lumpur and we went through a local tour agency (introduced by a friend) who booked us a wonderful package at Chaaya Lagoon Hakuraa Huraa. It costs us about USD320++ a night per couple for the Water Bungalow, but it’s an all-inclusive package so besides the accommodation, we had buffet breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, supper and beverages- even wine and beer and soft drinks- included in the package! The resort itself isn’t much to look at ( I think it’s only about 3/4 stars) but the island is breathtakingly beautiful so it makes up for everything else. I’ll let the pictures do the talking now.

We got into Malé around 9pm Maldivian time and the sea planes to the resorts stop operating at 5pm, so we had to stay a night in Malé. The next day, we took a half day tour around Malé town – by foot! Since the island was only 2km in diameter, everything was close by so we walked! This is the view from our hotel’s rooftop restaurant (which by the way was one of the nicer hotels there, but still paled in comparison to any of our 3 stars hotels here!)

In the fruits and vege market

Fishermen with their catch of the day! They still do line fishing, no nets, no bombs, whatsoever, which is good for the eco-system as a whole.

Fishes galore!! Overflowing onto the street..

The tour guide excitedly told us he was gonna bring us to the most important part of Malé and guess where he brought us? To the fish market!! 😛 The fishing industry is one of the main sources of income for most Maldivians. They’re one of the biggest exporters of yellow-fin tunas to Japan- sashimi!!!

Maldivians are what we would call here, Mamaks – Indian Muslims. 100% of the population there is Muslim. Even the food there is similar to what we have in the mamak stalls here – Roti, Dhal, Nasi Bryani, etc.

After our day tour, we went back to the hotel to freshen up and were sent to the airport to take our seaplane out to the resort island. By the way, the airport is actually on another island, it’s not on Malé island itself, so we had to take the local boat taxi they call the dhoni to a fro Malé to the airport island (which was inclusive in our all-inclusive package!!)

The fleet of seaplanes

First time in a seaplane. Was quite nervous coz it’s a really small plane. It seats only 14 people. But was really surprised that the ride was even smoother than the normal commercial planes. Couldn’t even feel the landing (although I thought it would be quite rough since we’re landing on water!)

That’s the entire island of Malé – the capital of Maldives. The island our resort was on is on the southern most island so the sea plane ride took about 45 minutes. But the view from the seaplane….. well what can I say, it’s what I imagine heaven to look like….. 🙂

After we landed, the dhoni came to meet us at the seaplane platform to bring us to the jetty.

The waters were so calm, and the sun was just setting. It was truly breathtaking.

Our Water Bungalow with our very own aquarium and a deck with stairs that leads to paradise!

It’s like having a humungous swimming pool in your backyard!

The water bungalows

Postcard picture perfect..

A numbered hermit crab! Lucky number 57!

Footprints in the sand…

Lobster dinner by the beach – not included in the package. But we were given a complimentary bottle of wine because we were honeymooners!

Since I earned my Open Water Diving license not too long ago, I decided to make use of it so I took a one-dive package from the resort dive centre and off I went to check out Maldives underwater!

Ok? Ok…


Lots of little coral fishes

We spotted a turtle!!

My dive buddies, from left Jenny from the UK, Hamzah – the dive master from the dive centre, and me!!

We spotted a stingray right on the resort’s reef!

We also went snorkeling! The resort organizes snorkeling excursions for their hotel guests everyday. Twice a day.

Chaaya Lagoon. Apparently, we were the 1st Malaysian guests they had at the resort. 🙂

Last man on earth! 🙂

View of our water bungalow from the water

Panorama pic i pieced together. This is the 180 degree view from our deck.

Walking towards the seaplane for the return trip.

Even the weather was sad to see us leave. 🙁 A rain cloud coming in when we were on our way out. It didn’t rain a drop while we were there!

6 days and 5 nights of sun, crystal clear waters, star filled skies every night (I witnessed at least 4 shooting stars every night for the 5 nights we were there!) total relaxation and each other. That’s enough for me to call this my perfect honeymoon!

Comment away guys!!

Love, Bel

22 comments on “Wedding(s): Part 4- Honeymoon

  1. Cheryl Chan

    Hi Bel,

    U said u were sick for the past 2 days!! Do you feel better now??? I hope u are better now… Those are really beautiful pics you hav there… As usual, Gambateh!!!! Belinda support u 4 ever…….


  2. doreen

    Congratulations on your wedding! Bora bora is certainly a heaven on earth, but Maldives is equally spectacular! I would love to go there one day, but Maldives seem so far from here……anyway, you two make such a lovely couple, and looks like you had a wonderful and enjoyable honeymoon. May the happiness be yours always!

  3. Lee Tit Kun

    Hi Bel,

    I love this place so much…
    It is like a wonderful dream especially when I see the crystal clear beach…

    Few weeks back, when I read the newspaper, I just noticed that it is going to disappear soon. It is so great that you managed to visit there before it is gone.

    Anyway, I hope to congrats you and hope that both of you have a great HAPPY START!

    Tit Kun

  4. zen

    hey BEL!..nice honeymoon….and i love the water bungalows too..i guess living by the sea and having a big swimming pool ( LOL) is fun and relaxing, huh?

    AND I LOVE YOUR PICTTURES especially the footprint in the sand…and the sun set..


  5. grace

    hi Belinda,

    its a beautiful wedding and videos that you had. i am currently planning my wedding for next year and we are planning to have our honeymoon in maldives as well, would it be possible if you could share with me the contact of your tour agency?

    many thanks.

  6. Karmen

    Hi Belinda,

    Well, I think your honeymoon trip must have been so romantic and fun! I love all the pictures you’ve uploaded, and the place looks darn awesome. Lol. And I’m really happy to see you and your husband together, you guys are like, the perfect match.

    Hope to get more updates from you soon..


  7. Cheryl Chan


    Congratulations to you and Joe ……..
    I love yr honeymoon pics….. ^_^
    U guys make a perfect couple……

  8. Effa

    Hello there Belinda,

    What a nice place to spend the honeymoon! 🙂 I’ve been thinking about Maldives too if ever I can’t afford Hawaii in the future. =D

  9. Anis

    woww all of the pictures were awesome! what a beautiful place. keep updating ok. really enjoy reading your blog, bel 🙂

  10. Grace

    Hi Belinda,

    I’ve just watch The Adjusters on 8TV just now, I must say that you’ve acted very well, and that episode brought tears to my eyes!! You’ve succeeded in bringout the character of Mei Qi, good job!

  11. Didi

    Hi Bel. the photos were awesome! The sea looks so inviting. i personally like the water bungalow so much…saving money saving money..haha…thx for sharing…keep more coming=)

  12. May


    Do you mind sharing the contact of your tour company?? I’m planning a trip to Maldives for next year 😛

    Thanks ya

  13. michael wong

    hi, i wan to be the 2nd malaysian couple to be there. can u email me the details of the tour company? many thanks. 🙂

  14. kiat ling

    hi bel,

    i’m so envy!!! all the pic juz make me want to fly over there immediately.. i wish i can have a wonderful honeymoon like u in the future. ^^ stay happiness forever ya.

  15. Ling

    Hi Belinda,

    Do you mind to let me know about your travel agent? Your package here seems so good and valuable. I am planning my trip to so might need help from travel agent.

  16. Caroline Lee

    HI, Belinda…

    My msg will be the same as Ling…
    Do you mind to let me know bout from which local agent u booked your package to maldives?
    I have checked out other packages offered by travel agenies it seems is quite expensive…
    Im planning to go to Maldives too…

    Thanks ya…

  17. Foong

    Wow, its marvelous.

    Would like to pay a visit with my lovely wife. Appreciate if you can provide us the contact of the travel agency?

    Many thanks ya.


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