Monthly Archives: January 2010

Muzika ~ The Science of Music

A few days ago, I went running on the treadmill, and for the first time, I ran with my iPod playing my newly compiled Workout playlist (including dance-y tunes from Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, Mika, Pitbull, Rihanna and many more) I managed to power through half an hour, no problem. Normally after the 20 min mark, I’d get really tired and bored and give up. However, with […]

Wedding(s): Part 7 – Female Brides and TWG

For all you brides-to-be out there! The new edition of Female Brides is now available! Unfortunately, although I rallied for it, I didn’t end up on the cover….:( However, I did get a 2 page feature inside… This year alone, I already have 4 girl friends who will be getting married! Weddings are BIG and definitely a lucrative business and that’s why a good friend of mine has tapped into […]

There is only one God

I am a Catholic, I was born into this religion. I may not be a devout or practicing Catholic but I do believe in God and to me, that’s what matters. The events which happened on Friday got me really unsettled, I couldn’t really sleep, and it just so happened that I was 2 days into reading Mitch Albom’s latest non-fiction – Have A Little Faith. The book is a […]