Wedding(s): Part 7 – Female Brides and TWG

For all you brides-to-be out there! The new edition of Female Brides is now available! Unfortunately, although I rallied for it, I didn’t end up on the cover….:(

However, I did get a 2 page feature inside…

This year alone, I already have 4 girl friends who will be getting married! Weddings are BIG and definitely a lucrative business and that’s why a good friend of mine has tapped into that market by starting a wedding portal, and she is going to make it Malaysia’s, and hopefully South East Asia’s, No. 1 Wedding Website!!

This friend of mine is none other than actress/supermodel and fellow Kuchingite, Stephanie Chai!!

For all things wedding, do head on to The Wedding Guide (TWG) at

The website features real stories from ‘experienced’ Brides, articles written by real brides-to-be, tips and guides on everything from best honeymoon destinations to card designs.

And for all of you wanting to get the contact to my travel agent in the Maldives, I gave his contact exclusively to TWG readers. You can check out my honeymoon article by clicking here.

With proper help and guidance, your special day will turn out perfect, trust me!  So remember to do your homework and research as best as you can, there is a perfect wedding out there to suit every couple! Best of luck to all the brides (and husbands)-to-be out there!

Love, Bel

3 comments on “Wedding(s): Part 7 – Female Brides and TWG

  1. goingkookies

    Am supposed to get married next year but at the current moment, there is no budget nor exact time set as I am here and the bf is overseas still trying to find a job. =(

    I hope the sites provided would be useful especially to those who are on tight budget and yet would love to have a fairytale wedding. which girl doesnt? =p


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