Monthly Archives: February 2010

Photobooth is fun!

It’s been pretty full on this Chinese New Year for me, a big chinese dinner every night, gambling sessions, drinking sessions (not like I drink or gamble much but my husband’s been having a blast!) ­čÖé Last night, we attended a wedding dinner with my in-laws which ended pretty early. And I thought since I have a face full of makeup on and I haven’t done any├é┬áfrivolous posts in a […]

It’s a Belle World! Ep. 2 – Putrajaya

The long awaited Episode 2 of It’s a Belle World is finally here!! And this time, we’re in Putrajaya, our nation’s administrative capital! I know it took me a while, I was busy with a whole bunch of other things (among them- editing my showreel for E News Asia ;P) so it took me a little bit longer than expected to finish editing this one. I recorded this episode on […]