Photobooth is fun!

It’s been pretty full on this Chinese New Year for me, a big chinese dinner every night, gambling sessions, drinking sessions (not like I drink or gamble much but my husband’s been having a blast!) 🙂 Last night, we attended a wedding dinner with my in-laws which ended pretty early. And I thought since I have a face full of makeup on and I haven’t done any frivolous posts in a while, I decided to camwhore with my Macbook’s Photobooth!

I like how the screen flashes white everytime you take a picture to illuminate your face! Very smart!



What are you talking about?!? It’s hip to be square!!! 😛

OhhhMmmmmGeeee!! You look like me!!! I look like you!!!

Awwww…..2 is definitely better than 1…..

My attempt at looking slightly sad and innocent…..and if you look closely, you can see my husband all konked out and fast asleep after having one too many drinks….. Things girls do to entertain ourselves!! Hehehehe….

Anyways, hope your break has been a good one! It’s back to normal on Monday for most!! 😛 2 more weeks till my next diving trip in Tioman!! Can’t wait!!

Love, Bel

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