Here, there and everywhere!

I just got back from Dubai on Monday, was there for the weekend emceeing a Chinese New Year dinner for my uncle’s design company (The company and my uncle were featured in The Star on Sunday). Will be going again end of March for the Dubai World Cup with my family.

Burj Khalifah, the tallest building in the world, hardly visible in a sandstorm. It was my first sandstorm experience last weekend in Dubai.

In my travel itinerary for the first half of this year – Tioman this weekend for a diving trip (leaving tomorrow!), Europe, end of April, Cherating in May and Bali in June! It’s great to be freelancing in that sense, I get the freedom to go traveling whenever I want to. 😉

By the way, get a copy of Men’s Health March 2010, where yours truly is featured as the MH Woman of the month. Click here for a behind the scene look at the photo shoot.

Till next time, take care everyone!! It’s a Belle World Ep. 3 will hopefully be up by end of next week (fingers crossed) 😛

Love, Bel

2 comments on “Here, there and everywhere!

  1. bleusnow

    Dubai, cool. Will we be able to see it in your Belle world episodes? Always wondering whether its a well worth it place to go.

    Btw, I thought i saw you earlier today in KLCC’s topshop. Wanted to say , hey, Bell and snap a pic with you (typical blogger), but i chickened out.. lol. You were so into choosing your clothes. Anyway, you look as lovely in person. 🙂


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