A trip to ‘Wonderland’!

I was invited (as a blogger!) to attend the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ School Holiday Specials Launch at Mid Valley Megamall yesterday. We were treated to a nice tea party, an interpretive dance show, a fashion show and a lucky draw all in the span of one hour before the Digital 3D movie screening. So without further ado, it’s picture time!

Tea and scones, anyone?

Very impressive set up. Apparently, some of the original props from the movie are being displayed around the concourse area of Mid Valley.

I didn’t get to see any, or maybe I did but didn’t realise…hehehe…. But it will be there for the next week or so, so do go check it out whenever you’re around the area.

Scary looking gigantic flowers with faces…

More mushrooms of all colours and sizes….

The “fake” red queen and her ‘konco-konco’ on stage in what I’d like to call the ‘3 minute-Alice-in- Wonderland-Summary’ dance show

I must say that their costumes look really good and I think the “fake” Red Queen did a really good job at capturing the “real” Red Queen’s character.

Models were parading ‘Alice in Wonderland’ jewellery collection by Swarovski. This is the signature “Sparrow” pendant, which is inspired by the pendant Alice wore in the film.

Managed to sneak in a picture with the Mad Hatter and Alice before they fled the scene!

Got roped into doing an interview for Unseen TV.

Guess what this is? Is it a book? Is it a Key? Is it a key inside a book??

It’s is actually a USB Memory Stick!!! And Heidi (www.idealistic-dreamer.blogspot.com) was one of the lucky few to win this Book-in-Book ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Souvenir Kit with USB Memory Stick from the lucky draw!

Throughout the next 12 days there will be many exciting activities lined up for both the young and the young at heart, which includes a children’s tea party, colouring contests and more!! And for shoppers, if you use your Mastercard while you shop at participating stores, you stand a chance to win a trip to Oxford, London – where Lewis Caroll wrote the enchanting tale of Alice in Wonderland!!!! Click here to find out more!

And now, for my personal review of the movie ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

I was never really a big fan of Tim Burton’s fantastical films, even though most of them featured the gorgeous Johnny Depp. But I was quite excited to watch Alice in Wonderland in Digital 3D because the only 3D movies I’ve watched were those ‘rides’ in amusement parks. I even went as far as watching the 1950s cartoon version before going for the movie to get an idea of what the story is all about.

I didn’t have an expectation going into the movie, and just as well because the movie has nothing much to be expected. Visual effects were ‘blah’, the story line was not fully developed, the actor playing Alice was kinda stiff, the only 2 characters I enjoyed seeing were the Mad Hatter (played by Johnny Depp) and The Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter). Even Anne Hathaway (whom I love) who played the White Queen was kinda uninspiring in this movie.

I don’t know about you guys who’ve seen the movie in 3D, but without subtitles, I find it quite hard to catch what the characters are saying, especially when the Mad Hatter goes into his crazy Scottish accent, and all the weird names for the creatures, it got me a little confused. Maybe I’m just slow.

But of course, I liked a few things about the movie. I like that it’s quite funny, Tim Burton manages to insert a little humor here and there which is always nice in a script heavy movie. Although the visual effects didn’t blow me away, I enjoyed the entire 3D movie experience. Watching a movie for me is a form of escapism from the real world and watching Alice in the ‘Underworld’ is the ultimate escape. You’re brought into a dream world, a world that you might be in if you’ve had one too many ‘mushrooms’. hehehe…

But don’t take my word for it, go watch it for yourself and write your own review! Alice in Wonderland is now open in cinemas nationwide.

Love, Bel

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  2. Kristie

    Hi Belinda,

    I love the shows you wore for this event. And I also saw you wear a similar kind of wedges for another event. Where do you get this type so wedges. I have been looking for a while now and still have not found a pair as simple as yours and comfortable.

  3. Belinda

    Hayly, I don’t think the interview’s out yet. Perhaps check back next week.

    Kristie, this particular pair of wedges is from Charles & Keith, they’re really comfortable. I also buy a lot of my shoes from Aldo. Hope that helps. 🙂


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