It’s a Belle World! Ep. 3 – Kuching

Yay!! It’s finally ready!! The 3rd installment of ‘It’s a Belle World!’ It took me a while this time because I’ve been procrastinating…. no other excuse….:P

We go back to my hometown of Kuching, Sarawak this time and well, this episode is slightly different, instead of showing you the sights, I bring you to some of Kuching’s famous food haunts to try out my favourite local dishes! Get ready to salivate!! 🙂 Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: This video features mostly Pork dishes which might not be as appetizing to some.

Love, Bel

12 comments on “It’s a Belle World! Ep. 3 – Kuching

  1. lildum

    uhooo! nice one! kuching food rocks^^

    great to share to every malaysian kuching’s uniquely special dishes ^^

    good luck and take care !

  2. Hugo

    Hi Belinda
    I’m Portuguese and currently living in Portugal. It’s the first time i leave a comment on your blog. Thanks for this culinary introduction of Kuching’s local cuisine, you damn right when you said ” Get ready to salivate “, now because of your video i’m super hungry and longing for malay food, LOL. Anyway, nice Job. Keep up the good work ;-D
    PS. I’m still salivating… hehe…OMG, i have to watch it again. For moments i wish i could eat with my eyes, Lol

  3. Sal

    I think you should add a disclaimer or something on your video for your Muslim viewers as they might not want to watch your video featuring pork dishes, understandably.

  4. Madeleine

    Hello Belinda.
    I’m also Kuching people. haha and I’m an ex greenian too! If you’re a fan of bubble milk tea, I know a place where Kuching sells the best milk tea ever! (that is what I think though). It’s two shops away beside Chicago 7. I’m not really sure about the name though. But so far that place sells the tastiest milk tea I’ve ever tasted. Try it out someday and tell me what you think. =D

  5. Justin

    Great job on the vid Bel. Looks and feels good, and rivals any professionally made food travelogue. A big plus point; the enthusiasm shines through

    I’ve not had niu you bao in at least a decade! Someone ship me some, pls!!!

  6. Jill Pung Clifford

    Hi Bel,
    Away for 10 years? Ive been away for 14 years…was recently back to Kuching/Langkawi/KL for CNY 2010, sad to say the fish ball didn’t live up to our expectations.
    Glad to learn of the new restaurant joint of Zhong Yuan!
    Looking forward for your Ep 4, It’s a Belle World!
    xoxo. Cheers,Jill

  7. Jefferson

    Hi Belinda,

    Good job on the video. Nicely done and all. But, I’m afraid “Lau Ya Keng” does not mean “Lousy Place”. In Teochow, “Lau Ya” actually means “God”/”Fairy”‘/”Deities”, and “Keng” is “Hall”/”Place”. Anyway, it is literally “lousy place” but with great food. hhahaha.. keep up the food reviews as there are more places with great food in Kuching.


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