It’s a Belle World! Ep. 2 – Putrajaya

The long awaited Episode 2 of It’s a Belle World is finally here!! And this time, we’re in Putrajaya, our nation’s administrative capital! I know it took me a while, I was busy with a whole bunch of other things (among them- editing my showreel for E News Asia ;P) so it took me a little bit longer than expected to finish editing this one.

I recorded this episode on my digital camera and because my SD card had limited space (at that time, I’ve since bought a 16GB SD card…wahahahahaha…), I had to take more pictures rather than videos, therefore you’ll see more pictures in this episode. 🙂 A lot of the pictures included in this clip are taken by other Advertlets bloggers as well, so thank you guys for sharing and thanks for making the trip extra fun!!!

So here it is…..It’s a Belle World! Ep. 2- Putrajaya! Enjoy!

If you own a resort or if you’re from a travel agency or if you’re Dato Sri Tony Fernandes, do drop me a line at [email protected] if you want your destinations to be featured here on my travel webisodes.

Till next time, Gong Xi Fa Chai and Happy Holidays everyone!!

Love, Bel

8 comments on “It’s a Belle World! Ep. 2 – Putrajaya

  1. nicholson c

    Fantastically awesomely that makes someone like me totally speechless! Great episode Bel, will always looking forward for more from you. You go girl! Happy CNY & Valentine’s Day to you and your hubby…and also to everyone here, lah. Erm..Bel, ang pow? 🙂

  2. Charles

    Hey… enjoyed the Belle’s World “travel” video… so tak bersabar wanna go try out waterski now… means… your simple and nice intro to Putrajaya is a success. haha.. Thanks for introducing some interesting things to do at Putrajaya! Cheers!

  3. Jaime

    I didnt know there’s so much fun in Putrajaya! I will surely hop over there when i go KL. By the way, i am from Kuching too 🙂


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