41 Weeks

Wow….it’s been almost a year since my last update! Time really does fly. Reading back, pregnancy was a breeze compared to being a new mum! 🙂 Lil Dani is now 9 months old and a total cutie pie.

I’ve been meaning to blog about my experiences as a new mum and all the little quirks and milestones my little one has achieved, but being a full time mum and part time everything else is quite a feat in itself and my daughter, unfortunately, is a cat napper, so I only have half an hour at a time to do anything for myself! So blogging was quite low in the priority list.

Now that she’s a little older and can entertain herself a bit more, I have a bit more time to blog. So this post is to start the ball rolling. Here’s hoping for more blog posts to come! 😉

I was pregnant for 41 weeks with Danielle!

Love, Bel

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