We’re in the home stretch, baby!

Well time sure flies… Since my last update I’m now in my third trimester, going into 35 weeks. Just a couple more weeks before my baby girl says hello to the world. 🙂

After the whole drama of the first trimester, I’ve had a very comfortable pregnancy from the 5th month onwards. Even now with my belly the size of a small watermelon, besides getting the usual heartburn and pretty regular heart palpitations, I’m actually feeling quite alright. I don’t think anyone can prepare you for the magical yet awkward feeling of a life actually moving inside of you. As I’m typing this, she’s squirming around in there and it gives me a weird comforting feeling knowing that she’s doing alright.

My bump and I have made 2 covers of Parenting magazines so far – Mommy Baby (妈咪宝贝) and Parenthood.

I’ve still been relatively active in the work front, getting about one voiceover job a week. I’ve stopped going for events (coz it’s so hard to find something nice to wear!!) but I still attend the occasional weddings/dinners and of course, going shopping for all the necessities! At this point, I think I have bought and inherited everything I need, just final preparations – setting up her temporary nursery, getting all her clothes and sheets and everything else washed, packing for the hospital, installing the car seat…. After that, it’ll just be a waiting game.

Joe took time off work recently so we can commemorate my pregnant body in pictures before I pop. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot. Pictures taken at Covershots.

Our first family potrait

Waiting, anticipating….

Hello you, in there!!

Praying that everything will turn out well….

Will you be my lil’ ballerina?

I guess being a first time mum I get a bit paranoid about everything, thoughts have crossed my mind of whether or not my baby will be okay and healthy, whether or not I’ll be a good mother, whether I’ll be able to cope once baby is here. It has caused me some sleepless nights, but at this point all I can do is just pray for the best and remain positive. 🙂 Anyways, keep baby and me in your prayers, ok? That’s it for this post. Watch out for arrival announcements in the next post! 🙂 Positivity all the way!!

Love, Bel

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