A/X Loves Japan… so do we!

Hi all,

I know, I know….. I’ve been getting a couple of mails and comments from loyal readers asking me when I was gonna update my blog again, I mean I do feel guilty that I’ve neglected my little corner here but I really had no time, and I haven’t been doing anything else but work so if I constantly write about work it might bore the minds out of everyone!

Anyways, I have exciting news, luxury brand A/X is lending a helping hand to Japan and would like all of you to take part. The worst is definitely not over for the country facing a nuclear crisis and many people are still living in shelters and are in need of the basic necessities like food and water.

What you can do is – come on over to the A/X Armani Exchange Store in Pavilion on the 28th May – which is this coming Saturday from 3pm – 5pm and you’ll be able to meet plenty of celebrities supporting this cause including Owen Yap, Atilia, Iz, Xandria Ooi, BitterSweet, Carmen Soo, Dennis Lau, William San and of course, yours truly, as well as a whole host of other big names!

To show your love for Japan, you can:

  • purchase the A|X Loves Japan T-shirt (Retail Price: RM120) and get a free signature from your favourite celeb OR donate any amount to the A/X Loves Japan donation box and take a Polaroid picture with your favourite celeb!
  • All profits from the charity T-shirt sales will be donated to the Malaysia Crescent Society (who then will channel the fund to Red Cross Japan). All cash donation will be donated to the same channel as well.

I haven’t had an official meet and greet with friends and fans before and this is a great opportunity for me to do my bit for Japan as well as say hi to fans whom I’ve only communicated with via online media!

And to sweeten the deal, I will personally purchase a limited edition A/X Loves Japan T-shirt for whoever who comments on this blog post first AND comes to the event on Saturday.

So remember our lil’ date guys and girls, it’s this Saturday, 28th May 2011 at the A/X Store at Pavilion KL, from 3pm-5pm. See you there!! 🙂

Love, Bel

9 comments on “A/X Loves Japan… so do we!

  1. Mok Kai Jie

    good to know that u will be attending tis event !! will be there to donate some money to help Japan !! =D

  2. Justin Jie

    maam, i have costume performance as captain america at farenheit88 from 1-3pm on 28th May 2011 .so it’s no a problem for me to reach there around 3.15 pm . 😉

  3. lee ling

    Hi bel!its nice to see you play a part in contributing to this event for japan!keep it up! 🙂


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