Must Travel with Buddy!

Sorry for the lack of postings my dearest blog readers. I’ve been working like crazy – 7 days a week, meetings after meetings, TV shoots after photo shoots, and truth be told, even with the uncertainty of our dear planet now (please continue to pray for Japan!), I can’t wait till all my work obligations are done and I can go on a vacation!!

My girlfriends and I were planning a shopping trip to Bangkok in June and just so happened, I heard from a fellow blogger that MAS recently launched a brand new app on Facebook called the MHbuddy - where you can book and check-in flights via FB, as well as connect with FB friends from wherever you’re going to! So, of course, I snuck out a little office time to check it out!

First of all, you’d have to Allow the app before it can function. Doesn’t harm you to ‘Like’ the Malaysia Airlines’ page as well. 😉

Nice simple interface, just click Get Started and you’re on your way…

Just like how you would on the online booking site, just type in your outbound location and your destination (a drop list will come out once you type the first letter of your location and destination), select your travel dates and your preferred travel class as well as number of travellers and wahlah…..

A list of flights will show – first for your outbound flights and then after, your inbound flights. What?!?! Only RM46 per way to travel to BKK in June!?! Better book now!! 😛

Once you’ve selected your inbound flight, you’ll be presented with a summary of your selected flights and alas….I forgot about airport taxes and other fees……:P But still cheap considering that the other ‘No-Frills’ airline also charges about the same price for return flights to BKK. And with MAS you get free drinks and possibly some peanuts. Hehehe…

What’s extra special about MHbuddy is its ability to connect you with your FB friends all over the world! As you book a flight on MHbuddy, you’ll be reminded of your friends who live in the destination you’re going to. For example, if I was booking a flight from Kuching to KL, MHbuddy will notify me that Ken and Kiedd and a whole lot of other friends, live in KL – maybe we should all catch up?!

Not only that, if any of your FB friends are traveling on the same route on the same day, you’ll be notified as well! You can then choose whether or not you want to travel with them! ;P

Other functions available on the MHbuddy app includes:

Get2Gether — find out where your friends are & select your seat next to them!

Hook Up — find friends living in the city you are headed to. Let them know you’re coming!

Shout Out — share your travel itinerary with your friends, make them your MHbuddy

So, what are you waiting for? Go check out the app now! Coz if you ‘MAS’ travel… why not travel with a buddy?? 😉

Love, Bel

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  1. liubijiao

    It’s a shame I just saw this article right now, but the information is pretty useful and detailed…thanks for sharing Bel! Wish you and you baby all the best! X


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