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My ‘Not So Gentle’ Birth Story

A year has passed since my lil’ darling Danielle came into our lives and the year really went by in a flash. This blog has been severely neglected since the princess’ arrival but one of my New Year’s resolutions is to revive this blog and give it a new life. A rebirth if you will. So here I am, the new Belinda Chee, a full time mum to a bouncing […]

The New Wave of 2011

So as I was saying, after CNY, I have 2 new projects that I’ll be working on…. Look out for these 4 crazy people on Astro Supersport! With my co-hosts Adrian Jalaludin, Jay Menon & Roshan Narayan It’s a brand new show on Supersport called ‘Football Overload‘. It’s a football based game-variety-talk show and it’ll be on air every Thursday at 9pm starting the 10th February. Hosting a football show […]

It’s a ‘Whole New’ Belle World!

Hey all! I’m back!!! Yes, my whole site has gone through a revamp and we’re now all grown up and sophisticated! No longer pink and girly…:) How do you guys like the site so far? Still doing some little tweaks here and there, but this is the look and feel that I want. Thanks to Bryan from FlyBoxStudio for helping me out with the creation of my site. It’s been […]