Friday January 21, 2005

It was my last day at work today (21st Jan). Got a little teary eyed saying good bye to all my work mates. We’ve gotten to be a bit like family after just a year plus of me working there. Sounds cliche, but i really felt like i was part of a ‘family’. And as though that wasn’t bad enough, I didn’t get to see any cute babies today either. Just all the gloomy and smelly ones..

Anyways, I’m leaving next Friday. Haven’t started packing yet. Don’t know where to start. I’m just gonna bring my clothes back for now. Guess i have to start ‘cleaning out my closet’ tomorrow…(gosh, i’m so lame…hahaha). Joe and I are also planning a trip to Canberra, just so i can see the capital before i go, and also the obligatory Bridge Climb, and shopping for family and friends, all next week. Not to mention I have to meet up with friends in Sydney for farewells etc….I’m so not looking forward to cramming all this, why can’t everything just be packed and planned so i can just sit back and enjoy my last week here…

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  1. kimmik82

    I’m graduating soon too, and hate the fact that it will be the end of one life, although the prospects of a new one is pretty exciting though scary. Hate the fact that I won’t get to do the oh-so-familiar things that I’ve gotten used to doing, and that I won’t be seeing the same chums I’ve been seeing for the past years. Don’t you just kinda wished that you were starting it all over so that you could relish every moment, amplifying it and making it seem like forever *cliche*.


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