Sunday January 16, 2005

Had a great weekend filled with a string of outings all in 2 days. Apologies to those with dial-up, this will be another picture blog…. First things first, Saturday night, the much anticipated ‘Moulin Rouge’ party.

The chics….all ‘rouge-d’ up.

With Pimp Daddy! Isa, Matt and Anj got ready at my place and Joe brought us to the party. As usual, we were fashionably late. hehehe…

At the ‘Moulin Rouge Down Under’ in King’s Cross (the red light district in Sydney for those of you who don’t know) . It was right next to a strip club called ‘Showgirls’ and we were so embarassed to want to get out of the car! But inside, the decor is fabulous!

Another one of the chics on the really nice couch. I’m flanked by two flower girls.

Met up with Gina and Anne there. They both looked gorgeous! Especially Anne, never seen her all dolled up before….she looked so good!

Anj’s flowered hair style. So pretty…

Isa joins in with the flower head-piece theme.

The really cool “Can-Can” lamp shade…..and me of course…I’m vain…I know.

The D-Cup Birthday Cake.

I think we’re getting better at mirror-pics! hehehe….Red lights..real spooky.

One with Chavdar -also from our Media course. He’s from Norway.

The gang with Jenny, the birthday chic! So looked so goth!

The four of us (Matt, Isa, Anj and myself) left the party after about an hour to go karaoke-ing. We felt so embarassed hailing a cab in the middle of  King’s Cross and got “offers”, if u know what I mean.

Welcome to K-Mix!

Frank Sinatra and backup singers…. LOL

~”show you the shape of my heart”~ Matt getting all emotional. hahah…

We got home at about 2 a.m. and Isa and Anj stayed the night. We were gonna go get Maccas breakfast the next morning but as expected, we missed it and ended up going to Coogee to have brunch at Barzura.

Bacon and Scrambled Eggs....the best meal any time of the day!

The three musketeers, all in pink, conincidentally. Friends since first day of Uni and will be friends forever. I love u guys! I will miss you guys tremendously!

After Anj and Isa left, Joe and I went to the Observatory Hotel on Kent St. to have a little farewell afternoon tea with people from my work. It was alright, but I thought the afternoon tea we had at QVB’s Tea Room was better.

Joe and I went to watch ‘Racing Stripes’ after tea. It was so funny! All the talking animals. Very heart-warming too. A recommended watch.

Ok, I better stop here before I overload my Xanga. Thanks guys for the great weekend. I’ll arrange another outing before I leave ok? Will keep u guys posted.

0 comments on “Sunday January 16, 2005

  1. StonedEwok

    woot for moulin rouge! whatta fun nite 🙂

    nice pics as always bel! *a star is born* lol

    hehe in that shot of “bacon and scrambled eggs”…it looks like ur wearing some kinda tribal headpiece – with that plant in the bg. 🙂


    see ya soon bel!

  2. miss_anj


    u gotta send me my profile pic. no way i’m putting my version..looks way too slut-acious…

    haha…hey, it does look like u have a tribal headpiece on.

  3. kimmik82

    can’t believe mamoyo actually spotted the white corset top. lol. your outfits’ gorgeous too btw, pink! facinating thing..those can can dancer lamps, do any guys try looking up it and get dissapointed? andddd.. your brunch looks simply tooo tooo scrumptious. *sniffles* i wannnnnttt.

  4. ro_mu_lus

    The sea looks real good. But after the tsunami thing, erm.. the sea is just another bad memory. But hey, sun is ALWAYS good. 😉 Don’t get much of that here. Only rain at the moment, and snow. Makes u miss Malaysian sun eh?

    And the moulin rouge pics look authentic. Good stuff. =)

    ryc: Yeap, she’s my cuz! Only cuz i get along with since we were just little kids up till now. lol. And yea, agreed, everyone knows everyone in a small town like kch. Thanks for the info about the brain btw. 😉


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