Thursday January 13, 2005

I’m feeling very sad…and fat… I realised today, while shopping for a skirt for saturday’s party, that I’m no longer a ‘Small’. Well, in some brands I’m still an 8, but with this particular skirt that I tried, the 8 was a bit too tight. I had to get the 10, which was an M.

Not only that, after that, I tried an Xtra Small in this dress, which was on sale at Dotti. I’ve always been an XS when it comes to stuff from Dotti but this dress fit a bit too snug-ly. I had to get the S.

To top it all off, when i got home, I was packing some of my clothes away to bring home to Malaysia, and I found my favourite skirt and decided to put it on to see if it would go together with this top i just bought. And guess what…I couldn’t fit!!! That skirt was too loose about 4 years ago when I bought it, so I had to get it taken in, now, there’s about a 2 inch gap between the zips!! I’ve gotten fat!! *boo*hoo*

I know some of you might be thinking like what…at least you’re still a Medium for goodness sake, but for me, it feels like I’m going from an L to an XL! Australia has made me fat!! All that dairy and cheese and chocolates and chips….Hopefully going back to KL, to all that heat….like a permanent sauna, will help me regain my size. hehehe…. Exercising is not an option.  *LoL*

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  1. marboy

    hmmm that hot and sticky weather in south east asia….i cant stand it!

    last time i went to Vietnam….it was crazy….32C every freaking day

    its so true everyone over there is so skinny because of the heat.

  2. miss_anj


    u have not gotten fat…u look exactly the same as when i met u in that media corridor 3 years ago!!

  3. ro_mu_lus

    Reading ur comment on kimmik82’s xanga brought me close to tears. (omg i can’t believe i’m admitting this to a total stranger). Btw, My cousin, Tania, mentioned that she knows you, well, hardly, just said that she went to the same school as you. Green Road?

    Anyhows, that was ages ago, and i tot u looked familiar. I’ve just returned to Manchester after my winter break in Kuching. I still love Kuching to bits. Ahh.. the taste of Seafood at Buntal still drives me wild.

    Anyways, studying overseas inevitably ties weights around you. I am also piling on the kgs like mad.

    Have fun back in Malaysia! God Bless. =)


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