Friday July 22, 2005

So, my little teaser about the major change in my life might’ve given u guys sleepless nights (not….) thinking about the endless possibilities that could’ve happened to me. Did she break up with her boyfriend? Is she moving to another country? Is she getting married? Did she quit her job? Why, yes, she did. To the final question only.

I’ve quit my job at 8TV. Well, sort of…it’s quite complicated really. But yes, I’ve had so much fun working there the past 4 months, learned lots of things about TV production, some which I liked a lot, some…well, not too much, and I’ve just been offered a full-time contract with a good, stable pay, so why quit all of the sudden? Bear with me as I provide a lengthy explanation.

The reason goes back to early this month. I’ve heard about the Hitz.TV VJ auditions a while ago on TV, but I disregarded it, thinking well, I’d be better off in my current job, I mean what are my chances anyways? Last minute however, something in me just told me to go give it a shot and since Astro was just 5 mins from my place, I thought, why not, nothing to lose. I went on a Sunday afternoon, just before they closed for registration. I didn’t tell anyone, not even my parents, just went, by myself, registered, read through the script and some nerve-wrecking moments later, I was done.

Few weeks ago, I was told that I’ve been selected as one of the Top 10 finalists. As they were going to make this whole search into a ‘reality’ show, I need to be in Astro on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and weekends starting August for rehearsals, shoots, etc. And if i can’t make these days, it’ll be difficult for me to be apart of the search. And if you guys have been following my blog, you’d know about my work hours at 8TV. I know definately that my contract wouldn’t at all allow me to be absent for so many days in a week. Plus, I have to sign a contract with Astro as well for the duration of the show, so the 2 contracts might clash.

After I found out, I had sleepless nights, pondering on what to do, what to take up, what to give up, should I be risking a perfectly fine job for something that I’ve been dreaming of my whole life? Deep down, I had the answer, but the logical part of me was brushing it off because this is such a big risk that I may or may not be ready to take. I mean, I only have a 10% chance of becoming Hitz.TV’s VJ, what if i suck at it and get eliminated the first week in? Then I’ll lose both jobs!

So I talked to Joe and to my parents and they were all supportive of me trying out. Spoke to a few friends who also urged me to try. I also talked to Mike, my boss who thinks I should go for it if it’s something I really want to do. He did mention that if things didn’t work out, I could probably go back to working for 8TV, but I don’t know if I have the guts to face everyone again after leaving them so abruptly. So, I made the decision to give the VJ thing a shot and finish up at 8TV till the end of this month.

I guess in some ways, it was a blessing in disguise for me and the station as well, because my contract with 8TV wasn’t ready yet, so I can leave without any repercussions. And they got a new, more experienced person to work with the team in my replacement – a friend of mine whom I sort of plugged to the supervisors. So I’m not feeling as bad now as I was when I knew that when I leave, the 4 producers left in the team will have to handle ‘the’ request show, as well as a multitude of new shows coming up.

I guess after being behind the scene, which I thought was what I wanted to do, I realised I would much prefer to be up front. It’s not like I’m craving fame or anything, it’s just that I realised that being behind the scene, you have to have this deep passion for what you do because for one, you get paid less than the person in front. Besides, the host usually gets more recognition for doing just 10% of the 110% you put in to a show, and I mean, compare the lifestyle, as a producer/behind the scene person, you have no life, it’s all work, work and work, with quite a lot of manual labour involved I might add, can’t hang out with friends, can’t go watch movies, can’t go spend the money you’ve earned because you have no time, granted I’m sure TV hosts/actors are really busy as well, but their actual hosting work is usually only for a few hours a day and they’re mostly just talking,
like most humans do, and if they do get other work outside, which fills the rest of their day, like emceeing jobs, or commercials, one job usually pays better than toiling away a whole month as a behind the scenes person. And they get invites to the coolest parties/launches, get to go have their hair, nails and makeup done daily, get to mingle with other celebrities and be recognised on the street. I mean, realistically, which one would you choose?

I thought I had the passion for TV production, and I’m brimming with lots of ideas, but I guess deep down, I know this is not what I want to do for the rest of my life. And I know if i do not take this VJ offer up, I’d regret it more than I’d ever regret leaving 8TV. So, people, stay tuned to Hitz.TV, Channel 16 on Astro because I need your help to vote for me!! Hehe….Will let you guys in on details as soon as I find out. Till then, leave a comment, what do you guys think of my decision? What would you do if you were in my shoes?

I’m going down to Singapore again in a few hours. Driving down with the family to see my sister. Also, it’s about time for retail therapy. Will be back by Sunday night. Take care everyone.

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  1. BadBong

    Most of the time, you just need to take the ‘shot’ as they come – simply because these shots might not ever come back again.

    We’re still young and don’t have as many commitments – if we’re going to take a risk, it’s better now than later.

    Best of luck with the audition!

  2. mamoyo

    omg be! i am so happy for you! your lifelong dream finally came true!

    I still remember us chatting about u wanting to be a VJ in the future! Hugs. Genuinely happy for you.

    I will be voting. Just list down the time!

  3. burnburn

    it’s great! just follow u’re dreams ^.^
    besides, if u dun succeed, u can go back to 8tv. heehehe.

    dun think hosting is easy!
    u need to go thru the scripts and think of creative ideas with producers and stuff.
    and remember, u’re the FACE of the show… once the cameras are rolling, u’re the one in control.


  4. kimmik82

    with so much heart in it, how could it NOT work out?

    a cliche for u – success is 5% talent and 95% hard work. you’ve proven that you’ve got both in hand, you’ll do great.

    i shall start watching tv again if you vj 😉

    btw.. i’ve a new blog and i’m not sure if u’re interested but if u are just leave me a msg on friendster or something ey?

  5. vanessa_siewleng

    I think its a good decision!! ^.^ and I’ll be voting for you =) hehe. Do tell us when the show’s gonna be showing… coz I’ve never tuned into Hitz TV before.. hahahhaha … ! all the best!

  6. ro_mu_lus

    I really do think that you’ve made the right decision in taking up this new offer. We’re sure going to support you! let us know when it’s gonna be on tv, and i’m sure to watch it and vote. 🙂 oh no, i hope i’d still be around. will be going back to manchester in september, so i might miss is. *bawls* anyhoos, i still think u;’ve taken a great opportunity and i wish you all the best. 🙂

  7. miss_anj

    OMG BEL!!!!


    of course you were destined to be upfront. it’d be such a waste for you to be doing behind the scenes forever.

    muhahahaha….is there a website. let me look at the other finalists!

  8. StonedEwok


    sorry it’s been so long!

    wow, that is MASSIVE news…i can imagine how tough it would’ve been for you to make that decision, especially with your career and all! (i’d hate to make a tough choice like that…)

    in the end, i think you did make the right decision, simply because it’s something you really have a passion to do!

    I’m with anj, can we vote for you??? if there’s a website i’ll vote for you like 100 times a day, lol

    this is all very exciting Bel, the only media student to actually do something with media, hahaha

    keep us posted 🙂

  9. teenEd

    follow your heart..if this is what you want to it before you regret!! Go, Belinda!! M sure evrything agrees with ya! All the best to you!! Hope to hear more from you soon.

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