Friday October 29, 2004

Alicia Keys is so hot!! Last night was a good night. This was the first time I saw a celebrity up close….we were like 2 rows from the stage!! It was a very surreal experience though because I felt as though i’m still watching her on TV but it’s her in person….I don’t know how to explain, but it was great nonetheless!

Her voice is so good, she was singing the whole night and she manage to hit all the high notes spot on and sounded exactly how she did on the CD. And how i wish i could play the piano like her… I am a fan but i never thought I’d be that excited seeing her in person…and to think that she did look straight at me once…hehehe…

Isa, Matt and I were all sore and sweaty and tired when the night came to an end, but it was all worth it. Standing in the ‘wrong’ line since 6pm! hahaha… Was just a bit disappointed that she didn’t sing more songs from her new album. Anyways, for pictures, go to Isa’s or Matt’s Xanga.

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