Friday September 7, 2007

I know I know….I haven’t been updating often and when I do write anything, it’s boring stuff with no pictures. I do apologise but I’ve been really busy since end of last month, I haven’t had a break since my last update and today was my first off day after a while. So here I am, sitting in front of my TV with my laptop, eating junk food and just relaxing and of course, blogging.

So much has happened within the last one week. I was involved in a 3-day commercial shoot for a hair product brand which took a lot out of me because we started at 6am every morning and finish averagely about midnight, every night. And, I also had to colour my hair darker, almost black. I’m so not used to it, not sure if i suit it even, so I might cut my hair to a style that suit the colour. I can’t colour it just yet because it’ll ruin my hair, no doubt.

Me and my Black hair

I’m thinking of cutting it Rihanna style. I know the ‘bob’ is kinda outdated now but I’m more concerned if it would suit the colour and my face shape. What do you guys think?

So anyways….I owe you guys pictures from Singapore and Gwen Stefani’s concert. So here they are…

I went to Singapore early last month to cover the launch of the Uniquely Singapore Weekend campaign for 8TV. Of course, the Singapore Tourism Board treated us so well, we were wined and dined at the best places, stayed at a really nice boutique hotel, had a king size bed and plasma screen TV all to myself, and well, I’ve always loved being in Singapore and this time it was even better because everything was paid for! And I managed to shop a whole lot too in between takes!

The Esplanade a.k.a. the Durians a.k.a. the Arts Centre of Singapore. There’s a Max Brenner Chocolate Bar in there!! Didn’t go there this time around however.


The Merlion at the Merlion Park!

My hotel room at Gallery Hotel, the bathroom is surrounded by frosted glass! Honestly, if i were to share this room with anyone else, I’d be pretty shy to want to shower because the other person will be able to see your silhouette no matter where you stand!

Mini Wagyu Beef Burgers from Superfamous. It was absolutely delicious! With an order of drinks and an extra 5 dollars, you get free-flow of these mini burgers!!

The best murtabak that I’ve ever had! The owner specially made it for us, it wasn’t even on the menu. It had beef, egg, mayo, ketchup and it was twice the size of a normal murtabak!! YUM YUM!!

Carrot cutouts of a Chicken and Crab in a dish I had at Indochine, an Asian Fusion restaurant. It was so nice i didn’t have the heart to eat them!! hehehe…

The inside of Fashion Bar, one of the many establishments around Clark Quay. That’s the thing about Singaporean clubs, when they go for a theme, they really go all out and the place and the people usually looks fabulous!

At the Orchid Garden. Besides shopping, eating and clubbing, we also went to a DJ school where I tried my hand at a little vinyl spinning, I also got a massage at a spa and my brows tweezed at browhaus. We also went to East Coast Park, for SKI 360, the first ever cable skiing venue in SEA.

OK, going for dinner now, will update more when i come back.


I’m back from dinner..

I have one thing nagging on my mind, like why do motorcyclists automatically jeer and look at us, motorist, about every little movement we make that might jeopardize them? Why do they think that it’s not their fault that they’re cutting in and out of the fast lane while we’re changing lanes?? I understand that they’re more vulnerable, but why is it our fault also if you suddenly squeeze out of nowhere and expect us to notice you? Can’t you notice us instead for a change and be in charge of your own life?? Gosh….I got stared at just now on the way back just because I was changing into the fast lane and one motorcyclist came from behind expecting me not to change lane just because he’s speeding towards me in between lanes. But I was already halfway through so I went for it anyways, he swerved and looked back at me and showed me his hands! I’m like what the heck?? Can’t you just slow down a bit?? Can’t you use the inside lanes?? This is not the first time definately, so many times, they’d come out from nowhere and expect us to avoid them and if we honk them or we suddenly shock them, they’ll jeer and stare at you like you owe them a million bucks! You guys don’t own the roads ok!! I can’t stand it!! But what can you do when 3/4 of our roads are filled with motorcycles?? Anyways, back to pictures…

Stephanie celebrated her birthday at Velvet end of last month.
With 2 of the most gorgeous people in Malaysia, inside and out. Carmen, Steph and I. I feel so inadequate just sitting next to them.

Gwen Stefani Concert

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Opening Set, Sweet Escape

Gwen, spelled out with just Gs!! Very cool!!

The crowd

Wind it Up!!

The mob at the side! We had a full stadium for sure.

I like this picture a lot!

Gwen on screen

Performing “Cool” from backstage!

I took a couple of videos as well, will post them up later if I have time. The concert was great!! I was seated at the 3rd row of the lower tier, which was quite far away from the stage but right smack centre. The best part was of course when Gwen Stefani ran to the back of the stage and stood right in front of me, but I was too far back to touch her!!! So near yet so far….

Merdeka Celebrations
I was at Dataran Merdeka 2 days in a row, on the 30th and 31st for live crossovers. These pictures were taken however on the 28th when I had to go there for the Malaysia Hari Ini (Malaysia Today- a live morning show on TV3, 8TV’s sister company) crossover. So I went to Dataran Merdeka a total of 3 times. But it was my first time there so it was all new and interesting. And it was heartwarming seeing so many kids there so early in the morning, practicing their hearts out for our nation’s birthday parade. It was great to also breathe fresh morning air and get a bit of morning excercise walking about.
The Sultan Abdul Samad Building

The choir stage that was constructed specially for the event and the field busy with formation activity.

Hair Commercial Shoot
This was the first time I did a big budgeted shoot for a major hair product. It took 3 whole days and it’s for the Internet so it wouldn’t appear on TV or anything. But I had to colour my hair black and had to change so many hairstyles within the 3 days my hair is now ruined. All the thongs and the straighteners and hair spray has done it’s course with my already horrible hair. So now I’m contemplating cutting it off without re-colouring because if I do, that’ll definately be the be all end all of my hair.

Out of boredom, with my ipod and rolls in my hair. You know what they say, actors and models are paid to wait and that’s absolutely true. Most of what we do while on shoot is just wait, wait and wait until it’s your turn to shoot.

The stylist said that if they stick a cigarette in my mouth I’ll look like that lady from Kung Fu Hustle! hehehe….

With the crew after 3 days of shoot. We finished only at 2am on Thursday Morning.

With Simon the Director from Hong Kong.

With Simon and Kenji, the hairstylist specially brought in from Hong Kong to style our hair. There were 4 other girls involved in this shoot, all leggy models. I was the only one who was under 5’7″

Last night after the Quickie, Aishah and I went over to The Apartment at the Curve to usher in Razif’s birthday!
He was so gone by the time we got there, I don’t think he remembered anything that went on after 7pm. Happy Birthday Raz!!

Oh yes, I’ll be at Berjaya Times Square this Saturday 4-5pm, for the One In A Million Roadshow. We’ll also be at Sungai Wang Plaza on Sunday for the 50hr Drumming Marathon. We’ll be providing a relief set of 10 minutes for the 35 drummers in charge of playing non-stop for 50hrs at about 4:30pm Sunday evening. Well, Rina will be playing most of the 10 minutes I guess, I might just clash a bit of the cymbals or ting a little bit of the triangle…and if any of you caught the Quickie tonight..I do know that the triangle is a percussion ok…Phat Fabes was only playing. Already people think I’m a Bimbo…..don’t add to it la Fabes!!!

Anyways, I think that should do for now. I know I condensed a lot of things, but I’ve already spent half a day on this blog so I better end it now. I promise I’ll update more next time.


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  1. Ironhart007

    I think the Rihanna hairstyle would suit you cuz both of you pretty much have the same facial shape. Don’t you think so? Wow..that’s like the longest blog that I have ever read! Anyway..once again a job well done. What would 8TV do without the energetic and 9 to 9 Belinda? hehe..have fun at the one in a million try outs! The new vios is coming soon..anyone interested for a booking? 🙂

  2. burnburn

    Woah, long post!
    Can’t believe the Tourism board shouted your stay in Singapore, I doubt they’ll do that in Aus.
    Hahaha, love the Kung Fu Hustle look, you should do it more!

  3. uniquev

    ooohhhh the one i saw walking really really fast was u,hahaha i never know that u was at,but when i was bring my friend kid to monorail station i saw a girl was walking damn fast look like going somewhere else and the face just look kind of scary that time hehehe and i never knew that was u,after im in the monorail then i remember that was friend kid was asking me”why the jiejie walk so fast?”i also dont know how to answear her hahahaha….

    anyway black hair look good la..want to cut ur hair?if u dont mind u can come to my friend saloon,at second floor shop name ”Clash Cut”.


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