Wednesday August 29, 2007

Tonight, Quickie’s Merdeka Special will be coming to you LIVE from Dataran Merdeka from 10:30pm to 12:30am!! Countdown to Merdeka Day with all 5 Quickie hosts, we’ll be taking dedications and well-wishes as well so call and chat with us! Plus, we’ll also be counting down the Top 5 Local Music Videos as voted by fellow Malaysians! It’s gonna be a huge party so don’t forget to tune in tonight!

And, if you partied tonight away and you get back home only at the wee hours of the morning, switch on your TV at 7am tomorrow morning for the 8TV’s 50th Merdeka Parade Special. This is the first time ever that 8TV’s urban and Chinese Department have joint forces to produce a show. Rina, Aishah and Razif from the Quickie and Yoon, Desmond and Dylan from Chinese Department will be hosting the show from the studio whereas I will be doing live crosses from Dataran Merdeka. It’s a different type of Merdeka show, coz at 8TV, we’re different! It won’t be your typical Merdeka Parade cross with boring commentaries, we will be giving away fantastic goodies, we have really interesting content and it’s bi-lingual (English & Mandarin) so everyone will be able to understand!! This show is also Live, from 7am till 11am!

That’s about it for today, I got to go now, sorry for all the ‘hit and run’ posts recently, it’s just been crazy preparing for the Merdeka specials, and on Saturday, I’ll be in Aeon Tebrau City in JB for the One in A Million Roadshow, so my schedule’s really packed! Please forgive me and bear with me ok? Here’s a picture of me in Singapore taken by my very creative producer.

Take care all and have a wonderful and safe Merdeka!


0 comments on “Wednesday August 29, 2007

  1. Anonymous

    You really suck during the Merdeka live quickie. Talked too much and trying to grab attention all the time. Didn’t you even notice the other VJs got irritated with all your too much jabbering?
    Also, Tunku Abdul Rahman DID NOT beg the queen for our independence. BIMBO! I still can’t believe you would insult our first prime minister on live TV. You also insult a lot of other Malaysians by not remembering your historical facts properly.
    Don’t talk about your watch going too fast either. Such a stupid thing to say as fillers especially on such an important event like the Merdeka countdown.

    This is the first time i’ve watch you on TV before and sadly, you really looked more like a bimbo than a professional VJ. You’re the WORST host I’ve ever seen on television.

  2. BelindaC

    You’re entitled to think whatever you want of me, I am fine with that.

    But I am truly sorry about my remark about our first prime minister, it was an honest mistake, a slip up, and I realised my mistake as soon as i said it. But it was a live show and  it was too late to take it back so I truly apologise if my slip up insulted or offended anyone. I do have to admit that I was not as prepared for the show as I thought I was; there’s never enough preparation for a live show I guess, anything can happen. I’ll work harder next time.  

  3. Anonymous

    I hate people who troll! If I were you, I’d not care too much in what ‘watever’ said.

    Next, I believe in constructive criticism, so here goes.

    The Merdeka Eve celebrations were probably not your best hosting experience. After reading your side of the story, I have so say that I kinda understand your position. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s how you learn from them and move on that matters. I believe this experience will bolster you to do better next time.

    On that note, I just wanted to say I’m sorry if my post seemed too harsh & judgmental about you. I was blogging in a pique as I was mostly disappointed with the Merdeka eve celebrations overall – not only because of you.


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