Kuta Beach, Bali!

I’m leaving for Bali tomorrow!!! 4 days of sun, sea and sand…what more can a girl ask for?? I can’t wait! I haven’t had a real vacation in a while. Although I have been travelling a lot this year, most of my trips have been for work……wait…….who am I kidding?! I’m just giving myself excuses…hehehe….I know, I’ve been taking a lot of time off this year, but I have been working hard too! Life is all about balance right? And I can’t tell you how blessed I am to have a job which allows me this flexibility. Anyways, here’s a picture to tantalize all of you….I’ll be seeing this in the flesh in less than 24 hours! Just a lil reminder for you to take a break once in a while. Explore the world, open your minds, pamper yourselves! You deserve it! I’ll see you guys after 96 fabulous hours!! Take care!!!

Kuta Beach (www.bali3d.com)


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