Look what I have!

Look what I have!


My very own Escada ‘Incredible Me’ Perfume! It’s a brand new range of perfume from Escada. In a sexy little bottle, placed in a velvety box, I spritzed a little on my wrist as I was reading this write up:

Incredible Me … The Fragrance

The story of the inspiration behind the Incredible Me fragrance unfolds in a café in Chiang Mai, Thailand, as dessert is ordered.A delicious Tiramisu is brought to the table, served on a plate decorated with a beautiful and fragrant orchid. With this unusual and striking presentation, the perfumer immediately starts to imagine new olfactive associations. The result is Incredible Me, a creation that celebrates the perfect blend of Asian exoticism and European comfort; a modern and imaginative sensuality that unites East with West and immediately attracts the senses of the young fashionista.

Incredible Me … The Woman

The heroine is modern and smart, feminine and sophisticated.She expresses magical intelligence and represents happy elegance.She has her own symbolic universe – a rich personality, a natural aura and a simple, stylish look.She is fresh and vibrant, and her beauty is striking, not naïve.

She is edgy, sexy, urban. She is self confident, playful and curious.

Everything from her eyes to the hint of her smile and her movements, enhance this feeling of an engaging culture.

Normally, I’m pretty picky when it comes to smells. I’ve been using the same perfume for 4 years now so when I was approached to write for Escada, I was a bit reluctant. But after trying out the perfume along with the bath gel, moisturizing lotion and deodorant spray, I was hooked. I must say, I’m a sucker for pretty packaging. And the ‘Incredible Me’ range is definitely pretty.


People talk about aromatherapy and how just being able to smell something helps make you feel better. Like how the smell of Lavender is supposed to to calm your senses and Lemon scent is supposed to be uplifting. Smells are also the best memory-triggers. Remember the time when you caught a whiff of a certain perfume on someone and it reminded you of an ex-boyfriend? I know I’ve had those moments! hehehe…And with a perfume smelling of delicious vanila and a name like ‘Incredible Me’, everytime you spritz it on, you can’t help but feel deliciously incredible!!


So go to your nearest Escada counter and check out the ‘Incredible Me’ range today!


Me in my new baju kebaya which I wore on last night’s live show. My new perfume goes so well with my new baju kebaya!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to wish all my Muslim friends a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! This is the time to forgive and forget so I apologise for any wrongs that I may have done and hope for your forgiveness this festive season. Take care everyone and be safe!


p/s: Pictures were all taken with my mobile phone, so, sorry ya, not so clear…

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