Lost in Putrajaya!

I was in Putrajaya with a bunch of other bloggers and DJs from Fly FM for a Media Day Out on Friday. It was a fun-filled day indeed. My muscles are still sore from the rock climbing and waterskiing! ;P Will blog about the whole trip soon. But now, here’s just a little teaser, this was what happened when I got lost in Putrajaya!!

Lost in Putrajaya from Belinda Chee on Vimeo.

Hehehe….This was apparently, a shortcut and yes, it is a pathway for pedestrians, through a park. My car and I did however, arrive at Alamanda safely in the end.

It was definitely an adventure from the start!! Check back for more on my trip to Putrajaya soon!!

Love, Bel

3 comments on “Lost in Putrajaya!

  1. Leo Chew

    OMG… This route arent for car!!! Btw, are u on the way to putrajaya challenge park ??

    i was lost too when i 1st time to the place, it would be easier to access through exit to Dengkil… 🙂

  2. mynjayz

    omg seriously that road leads to Alamanda putrajaya ? hahaha

    its funny thou cause that pathway is more like a u know. garden walking pathway.

    then in the end, was that pathway leads to alamanda?


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