T.G.F. Internet Banking!!

I’ve been married now for 2 months and in my new married life, living with my new family, I have new responsibilities, not only to be a good wife and daughter-in-law, but as a working part of the entire household.

So, my husband has put me in charge of paying for all the household bills. From Astro bills, to mobile phone bills, to water and electricity bills. So if I forget, well, we’ll all suffer the consequences. 🙂 The total amount of the bills added up was pretty daunting, but I guess I’ll get used to it eventually, I am in a house with more people now… and it’s not like I’m paying it all out of my own pocket! ;P

But seriously, the internet and more importantly, internet banking has definitely made my life much easier because I can now pay all our household bills in the comfort of my house in just a matter of minutes! Thank God for Internet Banking!!

And to make matters ‘unbelievably simple’, since I am an RHB Bank customer, their recently launched online banking website, I have to say, compared to the old one, not only looks better, it is much more user-friendly as well.

The internet banking Login page has also gotten an uplift and now, if you ever ever get stuck, well, help is just a click of the mouse or a phone call away! And they’ve really made it easy for you to remember your password by showing you your own secret phrase (something you create to remind you of your password) after you’ve keyed in your username!!

Once you log in, again, it’s pretty impossible for you to get lost. They now have quick links for you to click on, whether you want to transfer money or check your balance or pay bills, if you can read, you’d know where to click! hehehe…

As for me, once I click on the BillPay link on the main page, I’m shown to my Own Account page, this is where all your RHB related bills will show, e.g. my RHB Credit Card Bill shown here.

If you have a home loan or hire purchase account under RHB, you can add it up under the Accounts tab and it will show up on your Own Account page! It’ll even show you how much you owe on each liabilities, making paying for not only bills, but loans, much simpler!! Just key in the amount you’re required to pay and click submit!!

This is the main page under the Accounts tab. If you have more than one RHB account, e.g. Savings or Current or Joint, you can add it all here and it’ll show under ‘What I Own’, that way, you can keep track of each of your accounts by logging in with just one username and password!

If you pay the same couple of bills every month like I do, an easier way would be to add those bills to your favourite billers! You can add more than one favourite biller and to add a new favourite bill is as easy as 1.2.3!!

1. Click on Add Favourites under BillPay> Manage Favourite

2. Select a Favourite Biller from the list of almost 200 vendors and corporations.

3. Wait for the One Time Password (OTP) to be sent to your mobile phone (the text usually arrives in less than 5 seconds after you press submit ;P ), key in the OTP and you’re done!

Once your bill is listed as your Favourite Biller, the next time you pay that bill, you’ll only need to fill in the amount you need to pay and that’s it!!

I know some of you are still a bit iffy about paying bills online, I still see people lining up at the post office or scurrying over to their mobile phone operator’s centre to pay their bills before their phone lines got cut! All that hassle of finding parking, queuing up and grumpy customer service personnel just to pay a bill, it’s all unnecessary now! Technology is supposed to make your life better and easier and with internet banking I can carry out my duty as a responsible member of my new home without even getting out of bed!!

Hehehe… C’est la vie!!

Leaving for Singapore now! Will update again soon!

Love, Bel

5 comments on “T.G.F. Internet Banking!!

  1. Hayly

    Hi Bel,
    Can I ask you a question?Where did you bought your charm bracelet?It looks great on you.Have a nice day.Keep your blog update ya..:)

  2. Kumin

    Just curious Bel. How do u get your OTP? I called RHB 3 times, with promise from them to register my number. But until today, I still not get my OTP.
    Glad if u can help.


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