Monday April 24, 2006

~~Hey girl I wanna catch your wave….Hey girl i wanna drift away with you….Hey girl you’ve got an undertow…Hey girl hey girl don’t want to let you go~~ I can’t get that song outta my head!

I interviewed the Click Five on Sunday. So exciting! It was all very last minute and I was just suppose to be there (at the Breakers, Sri Hartamas) to watch them play foosball but got roped into interviewing them along with Ferhad. They were a great bunch of guys, very down to earth and uhh….well…kinda long-winded actually. They were all pretty pooped out from partying hard the night before so a few of them were like zoned out. Anyways, I’ll keep it short. I know you’re all just waiting for pictures…..

Ferhad and I were coincidentally in matching colours! Brown top and Blue jeans! hehe….

Ferhad, Joe, Eric, Ben Joey, Ethan and Me

As you can see, we were seated quite far apart and I had difficulty hearing what Ferhad and Eric (who did most of the talking) said because the place was quite noisy- Pietro was warming up the crowd downstairs while waiting for us to finish the interview- it was quite messy, I didn’t know when I should come in to ask a new question or feed off from the old one. Well….what to do…

Me with The Click 4 Joe wasn’t paying attention……

5 comments on “Monday April 24, 2006

  1. eeping29391

    Jiejie!!IT’s been so so so so long since i heard ur voice!missing you so much…*sobs sobs*

    That day when I was just thinking bout you,i saw ur face on tv!For the hotlink advertisement…! =)

    You looked gorgeous on tv Jie!Hehe..Wait a minute!You always look gorgeous..teehee~


    I cant seem to type a message on the chatter box,don’t know why..

    Anyways,love you loads Jiejie~



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