Wednesday May 10, 2006

It’s such a PAIN being SICK!!

Especially so this week because I had so much going on!! I had to forgo an interview with The Star on Tuesday and a photoshoot today because I’ve been practically bed-ridden for the past 3 days from a fever caused by my badly ulcered throat. I have a picture of the ulcer on my throat but I won’t post it up because I don’t want to scare people away from my site forever! Basically it’s the size of a 10 cent coin and it’s on my tonsils. It’s so horrible!! I can’t even swallow my own spit!
The fever’s subsided now and I can finally find the strength to type this, but I have a few other things lined up for the rest of the week that I can’t say no to…..I just hope and pray that my immune system will hold up with all the antibiotics that I’m taking. Fingers crossed.

If you’re all free this weekend, head on down to Sunway Lagoon for the Asian X-Games because a few of us from Hitz.TV will be hosting the ground events there. It’s on this Friday to Sunday, 12-14th May. Hope to see you guys there.

A reminder for everyone- It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, so remember to do something special for your moms! My mum will be away this Mother’s Day so I’d most probably be spending Mother’s Day with my grandma. Also I’d like to wish En. Tengku Ean, a Happy Belated Birthday on the 9th, hope you had a great celebration and may all your wishes come true!

A few of my overseas friends have asked about my FHM article, so I guess for them and for those of you who don’t want to spend 10 bucks on the magazine, I’ll oblige you with the article which I took with my digicam. No, I’m not on the cover and the article is only 2 pages long.

They blew up the picture so my legs were all freckly……

This was a very difficultt pose because by the end of this session, my neck was all sore from looking back.

Sorry if my post today seems a bit fragmented. My brain is a lil fried from the fever I think. A bit here a bit there. Till my next post, please pray that I’ll get through this week without relapsing back into bed-ridden mode.


0 comments on “Wednesday May 10, 2006

  1. amoerose

    u are very gorgeous..=)..i like that pretty smile on ur makes people happy and appreciate what they have in life…

    God bless

    * =) *

  2. miss_anj

    woman, you look hot! and a little like hazel too. hahaha

    hey, email us your horrendous tonsil picture. hehe, i’m intrigued by grotesque looking sicknesses.

    did you go to the doctor? is it like..tonsilitis?

  3. mamoyo

    woman! OMG. FHM? if I’m lesbian enough, I’ll cut up that page and paste it up on my bedroom. -__- i meant that in a i-am-proud-of-my-friend way of course.

    =p lol.

  4. Mei_cheah

    Nice shot! And your legs look just fine from here ( I can’t see the freckly bit from the little photos). But yeah, good one, gal! 🙂

    and Get Well Soon, babe! Poor thing!

    Yeah, go drinking with Joyce and you’ll get better. She usually believes she does though. Hehehe.

  5. kahsoon

    Hi Bel! I saw you at Asian Xgames, you’re at the rock band stage and i took some of your pictures and videos(Actually your voice sounds like Barbie Girl hehe). If you want it you can add me in MSN messenger: [email protected] if you have MSN messenger that is. By the way your FHM pics looks awesome, saw you in Hotlink advertisement countless of times. Seems like your face pops up everywhere recently, hope everything went well with your work and good luck 😉

  6. vlynn01

    Hi…Was just browsing through our blog…Nice photos taken for that magazine…You look great..;]
    Anyway..Whatever job you’re having right now..i think its a pretty cool one…Enjoy it!!!
    Btw..Saw that you had a photo taken with my cousin…”Liang”…hehehe…


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