Tuesday May 16, 2006

You know you need to start exercising when throwing freebies into the crowd makes your hand ache. I’ve been chucking laneyards/pouches/wristbands etc. into a sea of people for the past 3 days during the Asian X-Games at Sunway Lagoon now my whole right arm is sore!! How bad is that!! hehehe..
I was sorta ‘on shift’ for all the 3 days, I was there on Friday night, Saturday afternooon and Sunday afternoon. The weather was crazy, the crowd was ok and all in all I think I did quite alright. It was a great training ground for me and it really did help a lot with boosting my confidence on stage. But yea….I got to start exercising again.

On stage with Pietro

Spot the flying human!

Anyways, tommorrow is my birthday, so….HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! hehehe…. I have nothing much planned. There’s this Puma event tommorrow night and my dad is away, so we’re only gonna celebrate and go for dinner on Thursday. For those of you wanting to buy me a drink, you can do so this weekend ok? hehehehe…. Take care!!

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