Monday May 22, 2006

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! I had a great birthday, thanks to everyone who sent their love. I attended the Puma Time launch at Maison the night of my birthday as an ‘invited guest’ so we were all given tonnes of Puma stuff which was such a great birthday gift! After the event, Joe and some friends bought me a cake and I blew my candles and cut my cake 5 minutes before midnight! Last Friday, I joined Andy to a ‘I am Fabulous’ themed party at Velvet. I haven’t partied in a while so it was great to go out and meet people and get tipsy..hehehe…Thanks for inviting me Andy Pandy!! Since I haven’t been partying for a while now, let me share with you some of the pics from my ‘fabulous’ night out.

Kev and I, he was the busy bee photographer that night.

Yean and I outside at Terrace Bar. She works for Zouk’s Marketing department. We met a long while ago in a sortof ‘pageant’ and just recently bumped into each other again at Zouk.

Mary, Me, Kanch chilling outside Terrace Bar.

Andy cutie and I

BJ and Tyler are the winners of the Amazing Race 9!!! I’m so happy that they won! They’re so fun-loving and they take on each task with such enthusiasm and joy! They deserve to win. Yay!! The contestants for the Amazing Race Asia (which I sent in an audition tape for) will be announced end of this month. I’m not sure if Joe and I will get in, looking back at our video we seemed kinda boring. And I don’t know if the tape actually got there in time…so…here’s hoping that we might still stand a chance at being selected!

I thought I had more to write about but I can’t seem to think about anything else at the moment. I’ll end here for now. Will continue on later when I find the inspiration.
Later On….

Forever 21 will open this Friday, May 26th at One U New Wing!!! Xandria the sexy VJ, who knew the fashion buyer from Forever 21 and was invited to the launch, invited me along as well because she knew how much of a freak I am for their stuff. Actually, I sort of self-invite la but it’s ok, as long as I get to go, thick faced a bit also nevermind. heheheh…

Today, Xan and I had to shoot Hitz Central on board Costa Allegra, a european based cruise liner whose trying to make their mark in Asia. They will start a route from Shanghai to Nagasaki in Japan and Cheju Island in South Korea starting next month. All in all, the ship wasn’t as grand as the Superstar Virgo but this was the smallest ship they have in the fleet so I guess I’m being a bit unfair. Being on the ship however made me wish I was cruising off around the world like the hundreds of senior citizens we saw on board today, who were all on a 30 day cruise around the world. Ahh….the life… Check out the special episode of Hitz Central this Saturday , 8pm, Channel 16 Astro.

Another exciting news, the new chart show I’ll be hosting on Hitz.TV, TOP 10 LIVE!, will premiere 31st May. Hitz.TV has also taken me in as a freelance production crew for the duration of the show (3 months) so I’ll start work at Hitz as both a host and production assistant this Wednesday!! No more bumming around for me!! hehehe….I’m so excited!! I’m inching closer and closer to my dream of one day producing and hosting my own show!! I can’t wait for Top 10 Live! to start. It will be recorded in front of a live audience so if any of you want to come on to the show as audience do let me know k?? At the moment, we’re pulling in college students from various colleges in and around the Klang Valley. I can’t wait!!

Ok, I should get more rest now, I coming down with a really bad cold. I really should try to lead a healthier lifestyle, I’m getting sick so often it’s not funny. Take care people and thanks again for all the birthday wishes!!


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  1. rom_com

    hey bel, i remember you writing about your uni days just last year, and now you’re up and in the business, doing really well so all i can say is keep at it! as i’m in this part of the world, i haven’t been able to catch any of the shows, but i’ve heard loads about them. friends from home’s been talking real good things about you as well, and you look great.

    take care now, and happy belated!

  2. narada

    happy bday bel.. and congrats on the job… reason for my posting is that we here in aus are only half way through the series of Amazing Race!!!.. haha i told anj not to read this entry of the blog so her surprise wouldnt be ruined! hehe.. sall good.. i expected them to win anyway =D.. you should record yourself on tape and send it here for us to watch hahha.. say hi to my brother too 😉


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