Monday April 30, 2007

Tomorrow is the 1st of May, it’s labour day, a public holiday and it’s the day of the Melinda Looi Fashion Show! It is also the day when I start on the Quickie!! Yes, some of you have guessed it right, I am the new Quickie host on 8TV and I’ll be hosting alongside the weekday hosts, Aishah and Razif. So do watch out for Aishah and myself on ‘Girlie Night Tuesday’ tomorrow night, live, at 11:30pm on 8TV, channel 18 on Astro! At the moment, I’m just excited to start tomorrow, I’ve been going in for mock runs the past week and everything’s been going well, so hopefully that’ll help with the nerves tomorrow when we go live.

Some of you might know, I used to work behind-the-scene for the Quickie and now, I’m gonna be on-screen!! I’ve gone a big, full circle and although the journey wasn’t easy, I’ve gained a lot of experience from it and hopefully now I’ve found my ‘place’ in this industry, in the show which I have such a deep relationship with! I can’t tell you how estatic I was when I heard the news!

Ok, ok….. I’ve got to contain myself! hahaha…I’m like too crazy happy!! Just remember to catch the Quickie every night on 8TV ok? I’ll be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. I’ve got to go now! Will post up some pictures from AIM 14 (Malaysian Music Awards), which I attended with the Quickie team 2 nights ago, in the next post. Take care peeps!! Happy Labour Day! Have a great break!

xall of us 3
Here’s a picture of Mimi and I when we were guests on the Quickie. Clockwise from left, Kim (GCI PR),Raz, Bel, Mimi, Aishah, Sui Kar (GCI Intern), Choon (GCI PR) and Joe (Quickie Producer)


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  1. sunshineredviolinjctoh

    belinda. i read ur blog since u were in aust but i nv left a msg to u…

    i m stucking in the boring island and stressing wth my exam now;< I hve no idea why i want to come bk to further my studies!!!


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