Tuesday April 17, 2007

G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S yeah!

I’m so so addicted to that tune right now! If you look at Fergie’s career, if it wasn’t for the Black Eyed Peas, bringing her in only for background vocals at first, she would’ve been just a “has-been” member of a mediocre girl band, depressed, on-drugs and probably die of an over-dose and making only the bylines of popular gossip magazines. But now….now, she’s churning out hits like they were ghee in brickfields! hahaha…..

I guess everyone needs that ‘one’ big break, whether it be that one hit song, or securing that multi-million dollar deal, or getting the centrespread in Playboy magazine, it helps catapult a career that’s for sure…..and I can’t express enough gratitude to the producers of Teman for giving me my big break, whether it was just out of sheer luck and being at the right place at the right time or whether it was because of hard work and determination, irregardless of some unpleasant memories from the trip, I’m so blessed to have had a chance to be apart of Teman.

I can’t imagine what my life would be like now if I haven’t met the people who led me on the path to this audition. I would’ve still been a struggling freelancer, or maybe I would’ve gotten a 9-5 job, depressed and stuffing my face with Delicious’ chocolate cake everyday!! hehehe… But no, God has a nice little path paved out for me!! I’ve just received really good news and I’m over the moon!! I’m not gonna tell you guys what project it is yet coz I don’t want to jinx it. hehehe… But stay tuned for more of me on 8TV!!

Lots of things happened over the past week, attended events, a birthday party, went on a road trip, met up with old friends…… and I have it all in pictures!! Yay!! Remember how I said in my last entry that I was gonna get someone to help me take lots and lots of pics for the Royal Selangor Spring Summer Collection Fashion Show? Well, miscommunication and a frantic passing around of my camera left me with just 2 behind the scene pictures and 3 disjointed video (my friend tried to take pictures on video mode…..hehehe) But nonetheless, since I haven’t been posting a lot of pictures of myself…here is an overdose, to the point of sickening! hahahhaa…….

This was 2 weeks ago at the Tag Heuer F1 Party with Amani and Joyce. Picture courtesy of JoycetheFairy.

Catching up with Kuchingites, Joanne, Stephanie and Mellisa at Cafe Cafe on Jln Maharajalela! Such a nice place!! Great relaxing night out with the girls, good food, good conversations, and Mel as the surprise!

Backstage at the Royal Selangor Event with our props! (from left) Christian (What Women Want), me , Izham (the coolest boss on earth!), Nita (Malaysian Idol), and Xandria (she’s everywhere!!) hehehe….. We had 2 rounds of fashion parade and in the first round, I was carrying a sling-over pewter bottle holder with pewter spoons and forks in it, and in the second round, it was this pewter jug with soap-water in it to blow bubbles!! My products were all the cutesy-cutesy stuff so you can imagine how much of a fool I was making of myself, playing with the forks and spoons and blowing bubbles all around! hehehe… It was very fun though! I’ll be doing another non-model-like ‘catwalk’ for Melinda Looi the 1st of May at Mid Valley, so come and join the fun if you guys are free!!

The ‘picture’ my friend took! hehehe….. Cool little pewter sling bag ya?

This was actually one of the activities they had on during the Royal Selangor event. Because they had the event at their Visitor Centre cum Factory in Setapak, they actually provided a tour around their factory which includes this, The School of Hard Knocks, where you get to make your own personalized pewter bowl, normally for RM50, but that night, it was free for all! I’ve already made one earlier that week when i went in for the event briefing so I just borrowed Joe’s bowl to pose for this picture. hehehe….My friends had a blast making their own bowl and it’s a great place to bring visitors or relatives from overseas. Prior booking is required though. Check out their website at visitorcentre.royalselangor.com.

After the Royal Selangor event, I went over to Somo to wish JoycetheFairy a Happy Birthday!
With the birthday girl who was surprisingly sober when I got there past midnite. She had a strategy, she said, and I guess it worked! hehehe…

Haven’t seen Kevin in a while, still very jual-mahal…hehehe…. (direct translation= Sell expensive) Look at your expression Kev, just like this emoticon ;P

The morning after…..more like the afternoon after, vanity shot! Checking for dark rings. hehehe.. A friend of ours invited Joe and myself to go on a daytrip back to her hometown of Kuala Selangor to have seafood and see fireflies! So off we went!

Sunset at Bukit Melawati. That water area over the horizon is actually the Straits of Malacca. This used to be a fort with its canons still intact.

The lighthouse at Bukit Melawati

At the Fishing Village, enjoying very good (and cheap!!) seafood!

After dinner, we went to see fireflies! Kuala Selangor is actually a tourist attraction area because of these fireflies. They are a unique species and can only be found at the mangrove river in Kuala Selangor because they feed on the leaves of the mangrove trees. We couldn’t take any pictures because the fireflies won’t blink if there is light. We would’nt have been able to capture anything at all without flash because it was really really dark! It was 10 bucks per entry and we were placed in this really shallow ‘sampan’ – it felt like it would tip over any time! And with manual oars, an old uncle brought us around the mangrove area looking at what looked like rows of lit-up christmas trees! At first they looked really fake, like christmas lights, blinking in unison, but upon closer inspection, we actually saw a couple of them flying around and one even came right up to our boat! It was quite an experience but after a while, it became a bit boring because it was the same thing over and over again for about half an hour, but the sky that night was filled with stars so that, plus the fireflies, made it such a beautiful night.

Remeber to catch the FINAL EPISODE of Teman tonight at 9:30pm!! That’s channel 18 on your Astro for 8TV! I can’t believe 8 episodes went by so quickly, hopefully, fingers crossed, there’ll be a second season and this time, we might go regional!! hehehe…..Remember to check back here for updates!

Ok, I think this is enough for one entry. Till the next entry, take care and be safe!


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  1. burnburn

    Congratulations on your career. Nothing is really a “one big break” though.. it’s all about hard work. And it looks like you’re working really hard

    Love the final pic of the fishing village!

  2. nightstar

    I LUV YOUR CLOTHES! ur dress, ur white hood-dress, ur grey one..all so nice!

    And I luv reading ur blog coz it’s always been my dream to be a VJ/Show host.. but i so cannot make it cos i create my own way of pronouncing things..like creeps for crisps for example lols. I know things like these can be polished but oh wells.. KEEP IT UP GIRL! ;p [ya ya im super enthusiastic that way lols..excuse my punctuations and caps..i luv em!!! lols]


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