Wednesday April 11, 2007

Kanye West Live in Kuala Lumpur!

How was the concert? For me, from a scale of 1-10, I’ll give it a 6! hehehe…. Someone from the Star in yesterday’s papers, wrote my sentiments exactly in this article. The concert was very disjointed, especially in the beginning part, when he was just going through his playlist, playing Jay-Z, Nelly Furtado and a whole others, playing it quarter way and stopping abruptly and skipping to the next song. Also, we got standing tickets, and coz we were there quite early, we were about 4 rows from the front, which was great! But as the night progressed, my gosh I tell you, girls can be quite vicious, pushing their way up, stepping on your feet, shoving and elbowing, I was pushed right back about 10 rows without me knowing!!

I had a lot of trouble with a couple of ‘big’ African girls especially, they were trying to push in front and I told them to stop pushing because there were no more space in front. Fine, they stayed behind me, and you know what they did? When they were dancing, they were so close to me, pushing my knee in from behind, rubbing their boobs on my back (ewww!!) and positioning their cameras on top of my head, the string hanging right in front of my face! I was so pissed off I pushed their cameras away, and elbowed the girl behind me! Don’t mess with me ok! I might be small but I’m not gonna give in to you! In the end, they pushed in from another direction and got like 2 rows in front. So angry!!

All in all, it was kinda disappointing. There was no interaction with the crowd as well which made it kinda boring. Although, I was very impressed with his stamina, he could rap one song after another without seeming out of breath. I guess when you’re rapping for a living, that should be the way. hehehe….

I didn’t take a lot of pictures coz I forgot to bring my digital camera. Here are a couple from my phone.
Diamonds of Sierra Leone…..

He never took off his sunnies the whole night, and he looks very normal, not the ‘star’ that I was expecting to see….for all we know, this person was just a body double!!

I took a video as well, the quality’s really bad though and I didn’t know how to rotate the video upright. But you can sort of make out in the end that he was performing ‘Heard ‘Em Say’. Click here to check it out!!

I haven’t been taking a lot of pictures from my own outings, therefore the lack of new pictures of me to update. I’ll be taking part in a Fashion Show for Royal Selangor tomorrow at their Visitor centre. I’ll get someone to help me get lots and lots of picture so I’ll update you guys on that next, ok? Till then, take care and have a great weekend!!


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  1. ginapak

    Hi Bel!

    I remember going to the JT concert with u here in Sydney @ the Horden. That was so fun and he is HOT. Even if he is a little pretentious, his got the goods to back it up! Take care. G


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