Monday August 23, 2004

Haven’t been blogging for a while now coz life has just been ho-hum. Nothing much happening. Finally brought myself to finish the interview article due tomorrow. I was listening back to the tape of the interview and man did i sound nervous! 😀 What’s more this girl i interviewed was just a friend of a friend and like a small-timer in the organisation. I wonder how i’d react if i had to interview like the CEO of the company, i might not be able to open my mouth! Maybe it’s coz English is not my first language, although i feel comfortable speaking it, but sometimes when i’m nervous, i have trouble looking for the words i need to use. Like i’ll remember it in Malay or Cantonese or Hokkien but can never think of the English word for it.

It got me thinking, how am i gonna do in an actual job interview? I’ll screw it all up because i can’t find my words. What do they call it….. i’m not articulate enough. I can write well, at least i think i can, but i never know what’s a noun or verb or when to use has, or have or has been and things like that. I write by sound, like if it reads alright then it’s correct. Maybe i should join like an english course and learn the basics. Or maybe i should just read the dictionary. 🙂 Stuff it, I’ll get by. hehehe….I’ve already gotten this far, what’s another few months? Just wish me luck in my job interviews ok? 

0 comments on “Monday August 23, 2004

  1. bellisa

    you get distinctions for your film essays! thats hardly anything to scoff at m’dear. im sure you’ll find a really cush job that requires you to do nothing 🙂

  2. StonedEwok

    what are u talking aboot bel! your english is fine!

    its much gooder than mine at leastest.

    ur a totally intelligent and well spoken gal, u will have no trouble finding a job! trust me 😉

    just find that confidence gURLfriend and you’ll be sweet!

    take it easy bel…and stop picking up 45 year olds! LOL


  3. BelindaC

    Only if you can stop the 45 year olds picking me up! heheh…. Men…are like wine..they get better with age…hahah!!! can’t believe i just said that! Anyways…they’re more refined i guess…not so childish…*hint*hint* 😛


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