Tuesday August 24, 2004

Did a quiz recommended by Wendy on her Xanga site. My heart is red! It’s alive!! YAY!!

I think love is not over-rated like some people claim it to be. It’s something which we human beings can’t live without, along with many other things like air and food. Studies have shown that babies that are not loved have a higher chance of dying prematurely…. hehe…i don’t know that for sure…i just remember reading something like that in my psych book. I also believe that getting hurt is part of the whole experience, because if we do not experience the bad, we’ll never know the good, right?

My mum rarely gives me advice on this love stuff, but there was this once, when i had my heartbroken, i clearly remember my mum telling me that I’ll be better off with someone who loves me more than I love them. At first, i thought that was just a mean thing to do, not giving someone as much love as they give you, but i guess it does feel better to have someone love you more. What do you guys think?

And another question that i’ve been wondering for a while now, do you think there’s a chance that sometimes we long for Mr. Wrong although we already have Mr. Right by our side?  Don’t worry…nothing’s wrong with Joe and I, just a passing thought…

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  1. miss_anj

    i think it’s a valid point that u need a boy who loves you more than you love them…but it’s so wrong. i don’t want that to happen to me.

    as for Mr Wrong…i think we subconsciously search for him because it’s safer. no committment. hahaah…but i’m just saying that because i have committment issues. =p

  2. mamoyo

    I’m nowhere near an expert on love issues but I find solace in knowing that someone will always love you that much more than you love him.

    I’d rather have myself hold on blindingly to a guy (on my part, there should be a substantial amount of love involved, at the very least) who loves me so much than wait for a guy whom I have loved for years.

    Just a thought but it might be wrong 🙂

  3. StonedEwok

    whoa, what are we (men, that is)? pieces of meat to be used as your meat handbags, clinging closely by your side like pork chops on a bruised eye?

    i think not!

    all too often girls are portrayed as the victims of emotional warfare…but hey, spare a thought for the blokes too!

    I can say from experience that being the “boy who loves his girl more than she loves him” is gut-wrenchingly hard. It takes you to a point of physical and emotional exhaustion and heartache that just…sucks. Then at the end of it, what do you have to show? It’s the old adage, if you’re nice to them they’ll walk all over you…but u treat em mean, it’ll keep em keen. So anyways, that’s our side of the debate…i had to put in my 2 cents plus gst.

    man, girls just want it all…but in the end we’re all the same creatures.

    when something just feels right, it doesn’t matter who where what why or when, it all goes out the window…coz all that matters is that you’ve got SOMEONE… whom you can stand for more than 5 minutes…someone who you can sit with in total silence with no awkwardness…someone you can laugh with until it hurts…someone who makes you cry as well, someone who can appreciate that Star Wars is not just a crappy nerdy sci-fi movie!

    oh dear, this pork chop is getting all teary-eyed…

    anyways…in my head i really had a cohesive and darn good argument…what i’ve typed above is fragments of that…

    i’m not rebuking anyone, far from it actually…just putting up another point of view

    sorry to dump on ur xanga bel, u know i love you guys 🙂

    peace out, A town.

  4. BelindaC

    To make myself clear, firstly, i wasn’t just talking on behalf of the womenfolk here, so, mattie, what do you think if you had a girl who loves you more than you loved her?

    And secondly, you still love that person, it’s just that the love you give is not as much as that you get in return.

    For example, in my relationship with Joe, we’re totally comfortable with each other and we do love each other. It’s just that i feel that his love for me is more than mine for him. I can see this disparity in the way we treat each other. Like he’ll wash the dishes that i was suppose to wash when i will nag at him to wash if it’s his turn. He’ll let me watch the TV channel i want to watch even when he was watching something before. He’ll listen to my every whimp and whine when i will dismiss him when he starts talking about cars….you know…things like that. On the other hand, it may just be that i’m lazy and selfish..but….he doesn’t seem to mind and that’s the point. The love here seems to be unbalanced and yet it is a working relationship.

    Maybe other people do see it as that i’m walking all over him but does it matter if he doesn’t mind? Ok, ok…i better stop here. I know i have a great boyf, and i’m trying to give him as much love as he gives me, but sometimes, somethings just can’t be forced…:-) I guess i’m just lucky.

  5. aiya989

    hi, jst stumbled on ur site flicking through others n stuff..

    for the loving some1 loving u more than u love them.. i believe by doing so u create a shield of protection around u.  i guess u try and do it so that u wont get hurt as much if something happens, to ‘assure’ yourself that the other wont do things to hurt u..  it gives a sense of security and assurance and so u feel better about it .. my 2cents


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