Monday January 28, 2008

Sorry for the lack of activity here… I’ve been really busy. Will update soon. Meanwhile, here’s a picture of me with Malaysia’s No.1 Blogger, Kenny Sia. Finally met him for the first time at the Pack the Floor for 24 event organized by HELP college students. Fellow Kuchingite!


Have a great week ahead and take care!!


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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Belinda ! I’ve got lotsa pictures of yours in Pack The Floor For 24. I could send it to you via email but if you want the Hi Resolution ones then I’lll have to find a way and pass it to you . But Even e-mail, there are lotsa lotsa lotsa pix. buzz me or smtg.

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Kenny, yea..i think ppl tht didnt see properly will thought that’s sweat ! haha  Anyway, i’ve got some pix of yours on my blog. So if you want u could go copy from there. !

  3. BelindaC

    Yes, I was just about to add, the pattern on your shirt looks pretty deceiving. Like sweat patch. hehehe… I’ll give you a tub of Olay when I see you. hehehe… Will be back in Kuching from 6th till 9th for CNY. Let’s meet up if you’re not here in KL then.

    Leonard, will try to meet up with you to collect the pictures ya. In any case, Kenny has sent me quite a few so even if I don’t get it from you, it’s fine.

  4. Anonymous

    hello belinda,

    Don’t mind if you can tell me is there any freelance job available which you are aware of? I’m looking for a part-time job to kill time (i’ve resigned my permanent job  🙁  )

    Thanks tons!


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