Thursday January 10, 2008

People, I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I want to try out this social experiment. I do not smoke, Joe does not smoke but almost all the people from work do and I’m surrounded by second hand smoke most of the time and I’m kinda sick of it to be honest. So, to all the smokers out there, social or chain, I’d be really grateful if you guys would take time out to answer these few questions.

1) At what age did you start to smoke?
2) Was there a specific reason why you started smoking? Was it peer pressure, curiousity, stress, etc.? Tell us the story.
3) Did you enjoy your first cigarette? If you did, how did it make you feel to be smoking? If you didn’t, why did you continue?
4) What, do you think, are some of the advantages of smoking?
5) What, do you think, are some of the disadvantages of smoking?
6) Have you ever thought of quiting? If yes or no, why?

After I’ve received a sufficient amount of answers, I’ll try to compile something together and hopefully we’ll be able to read all about it in my next post, ok?


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  1. Anonymous

    2)a break up. it’s ironic because i said i would never date a guy who smokes, so he stopped smoking, we got together, he broke up with me, and then i started to smoke.
    3)not so much enjoy, but it was more a calming/numbing effect.
    4)great stress reliever
    5)health, negative perception of others
    6)in the beginning yes, because i cared about myself, but now, i just really dont care anymore

    i understand why people get annoyed at secondhand smoke, since i was one of them. but i can also understand the inescapable reasons why people smoke. so i think its just a matter of being considerate, especially on the smokers part, to find a designated smoking area and clean up after themselves.

    hope that helps =)

  2. kingofblur

    Health  consequences aside, smoking totally brings down the image of a person. It makes people look cheap. Successful people are too good or busy to smoke, or they should be; only cheap people would be so free (or jobless) to have time for cigarettes. But, where’d they get the money, considering they are cheap?

    If smoking can be taken as a stress reliever, imagine drinking a delicious acid solution to quench your thirst. It’d be so tasty, it’d ease your throat, only you’d lose your tongue and your gut. Compare the metaphors.

    I hope all smokers quit, or cigarettes be internationally banned, or, when all hopes are lost, all smokers and cigarette manufacturers die of lung cancer. Call me evil.

  3. Anonymous

    Well, I do face the same problems during my Navy days. Almost all my good friends are smokers and when we are chatting about personal matters at the quarterdeck they will lit up a cigarette. Sometimes the smoke from them are irritating. Well what to do, it’s their lifestyles. The worst is seeing those non-smokers (in the National Service or in college now)slowly picking up the habit due to peer pressures. It’s sad but yet it’s part of life as we learned in Social Psychology under the topic conformity, how they are slowly stressed by the society to follow suit.

  4. kimfluttersby

    Uh oh, I wish I can answer… but I don’t smoke. Anyway, I support the anti-smoking campaign! Coz I have weak lungs, my eyes get dry fast and dun like to stink of smoke.

    My question to you: If you had an acting role to smoke, would you do it? Nobody asked you to be addicted to it, but you might. Would you or would you not, for ethical reasons?

    Btw, looking fab in that new skin-care advertisement.

  5. freespiritz

    on a separate note, i think i remember you! you were the host for the naturel oil thing at great eastern mall… right? i was one of the girls workin at the booth sellin it. hmm!

  6. Anonymous

    Hey! Don’t I know you? From a time so long ago and a place far far away…

    Now you’re a famous model AND an anti-smoking ambassador! How cool is that?

    Stay cool girl. Hope to somehow catch up with you some day.



  7. Anonymous

    i never smoked. so i dont have any of the above experience. besides laws here prohibit smoking indoors. so you will see smokers crowding outside the building in the cold catching a puff. i dont think i want to do that!! haha..

    good luck, happy new year..

  8. Anonymous

    hahaha! When I started working, the entire company was smoking. The normal scenario would be my editor lighting up her cigga, when she finishes with hers, another person lights up. Then follow by another and another… throughout the two hours meeting, smoke is produced every minute. I die inside there… cause I don’t smoke. So they ask me to smoke so I wont die faster than them… Hehe!

    Oh well, have a nice day! Sorry for my lengthy story.

  9. Anonymous

    I hate people smoking. Especially those who are so close to me and I don’t want that blardy cigarettes affect their health, and of course mine. There was once where one of my friends purposely blew the smoke from the cigarette directly to my face! But honestly speaking, what can we do? They won’t listen to me at all, even if they are social smokers, so what. One thing that I don’t like whenever I go clubbing is the smoke and I become the second hand smoker, I’d probably die of suffocating in there. How I wish the government would ban all the cigarettes. But the government ppl do smoke too. Let’s move to S’pore =P Well, it’ll be more than enough if my dad and my bf don’t smoke =P Please concern your own health, smokers. And your lung. And those who are significant to you in your life. Love yourself, do not smoke!!!

  10. sheon81

    i like the smell of tabacco, but i hate the smell of the smoke. i dislike cigarettes but i do enjoy an occasional cigar to go with my drinks. 🙂

    i support the anti-smoking campaign…and i think ladies should have more reasons than men to stop smoking…coz biologically they are more prone to chronic diseases than men….

  11. Azzedin

    1) 20
    2) Curiosity + personal issues
    3) First one was bad but after a while, it’s more of a calming effect
    4) Great stress reliever + quenches the appetite
    5) Obvious health concerns, second hand smoke for others
    6) Thought of quitting a while back but not enough willpower

    I just have to add that I tend to be considerate when smoking. I made it a personal rule not to smoke around kids or pregnant women. And unlike some of the people I’ve seen, I look for the nearest ashtray instead of stubbing it out on the street. Hope this helps with your social experiment.

  12. Anonymous


    2)Curiosity and i was too young to realise my mistake

    3)First one.. hmmphh.. NO! it was very bad… but tot it was a growing path to be a MAN.. kekekke

    4)Stress relieve, kill time, social.. etc

    5)heath issue, bad breath, kill the environment.. come on.. you know the rest..

    6)i’m quiting now! 🙂

  13. Alex_L86

    Well,i do smoke sometimes for no reason.Just for fun,probably.I started when i was working in a convenience shop.Having tried all the cigarettes.My 1st stick was a Malboro Light.Not bad.N slowly i tried the others.Only 1 stick for each of them.Hehe…
    There’s no advantage of smoking,i think.But a friend of mine did a lot of researches.N he told me the nicotine is actually not really harmful to our body.Is it true ? I dont know.

  14. sheon81

    Good Luck to all that are trying to quit. Keep it up and hopefully your willpower will prevail!!

    Alex…well, i could be wrong, but i read it once that nicotine is the thing that gets you addicted (relatively harmless compared to the rest of the ingredients they put in a ciggy). tar is the thing that gets you killed.

  15. Anonymous

    Haha. Talk about a late comment but here’s my story. I started smoking last year roughly in June,  when I first started college. I was 18. It was curiousity that first struck me to try a cigarette. I did not like the taste, mostly it was the ‘high’ feeling that I would get. The headaches after, were simply annoying though.  Particularly two of my then close friends smoked. My friends took smoking up to relieve stress. Even though I do not having any major stress or breakdowns, I went on smoking whenever I’m with them. From three sticks a week gradually became three a day. I can’t take more than five sticks, as it would affect my body after a while (yes, quite a weak body I have). This continued on for about 4 months. Peer pressure, I must say. Although, they did not literally pressure me. After a while something hit me, and I started to wonder what was the point of smoking really. I do not like the smell cigarettes would leave on my fingers, hair and body. I told my two friends that I’m cutting down. Them being not so pleased with my decision kinda shocked me. This wouldn’t affect them. Or so I thought. I started to not hang out with them so much.  This was pretty hard because they are my classmates and I sit beside them everyday. Gave a lot of excuses, some made up some not, so that I would not be able to join them for lunch and to smoke. I think they realized after some time. And now, I rarely talk to them. It’s also quite nice to know that I wouldn’t be taking the same course as them next month.  I can safely say I have quit smoking. It’s been about three months now since I have smoked. And I really do feel ashamed to hold a cigarette now. I don’t think smoking has any advantages. Doesn’t seem to relieve stress because all I know is that my friends keep smoking when they are stress and the stress doesn’t go away. In fact, stress is still there and they smoke more. Stress reliever would be.. EXERCISING! Haha. Disadvantages, aplenty. From money spent to the health of others and your own. I couldn’t be anymore happier and relieved with the decision to no longer let cigarettes take over my life. (:


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